VoIP Carrier billing solution based on Asterisk.

JeraSoft VoIP Carrier Suite is a full-featured solution for those who want to start own VoIP Business, extend existing one or want to get their services to a new level. Its structure and features move it far beyond generic billing solution.

This complex product is able to maintain full spectrum of business activities and run different business models.

JeraSoft VCS supports wholesale and retail business, prepaid and post paid customers, calling cards, call shops and other kinds of custom services. Among common billing features VCS has wide variety of modules, that are aimed to automatize work of VoIP Operators. Such modules include dynamic routing, retail services, extended rates management.

JeraSoft VCS offers rich-featured web-based interface and unparalleled performance, possessing the ability to effortlessly calculate over 500 million minutes monthly. No limits to number of clients or subscriptions. Expandable cluster structure allows easy and fast performance and capacity boost.

VoIP Carrier Suite: Features
•          Customers Management
•          Prepaid and Postpaid customers;
•          Rates Management
•          Resellers Management
•          Statistics and Reports
•          Additional Modules
               - Dynamic Routing — LCR, Quality and other policies
               - Retail Services — calling cards, call shops, packages
               - Rates Management — generation and analysis

OpenVox Launches a Complete Asterisk-based Appliance

OpenVox Communication Co. Ltd, a global leading provider of the most advanced open source Asterisk® telephony hardware and software products, has announced today that a new generation standard 19” 1U Asterisk-based IPPBX—IX120, with powerful and flexible in both hardware and software design, is now available to the open source community. The IX120 delivers one-stop cost-effective solutions enhanced in system performance and stability to SMBs, at an affordable price.

The IX120 can be equipped with up to 16 analog FXO/FXS ports, up to 16 ISDN BRI ports, or 1 E1/T1/J1 PRI port. With the two available PCI slots, it supports various combinations of telephony interfaces. This new appliance takes full advantages of Intel® original motherboard and supports up to 200 concurrent calls (SIP) in a 1U box with superior voice quality in the meantime.

“We’ve seen tremendous requirements for complete telephony solutions in small and medium business market and we are proud to bring such a powerful 1U IPPBX into our open source community and the market.” said Lin Miao, the president of OpenVox, “By choosing the IX120 IPPBX, there are no more troubles on selecting related hardware to build the system. And this new appliance enables our channel partners to easily provide cost-effective and professional solutions to their clients.”

To meet different needs on the PBX software, the IX120 provides options with two kinds of software. One is open source software including Elastix®, PBX in a FlashTM, trixbox®, etc. and the other is commercial one with Thirdlane PBX to go with extensions. Any of the above software can be pre-loaded as you required before delivery to ensure you will have a working appliance when you receive it.

The IX120 IPPBX equipped with Intel® Atom® single/dual core processors up to 1.8 GHz. The system can be equipped with up to 4 GB ram. The 2 SATA connections provide sufficient storage to meet the demands of any operating systems and applications. In addition, with the OpenVox internal PCI Raiser card, it extends 2 available PCI slots for telephony interface cards.

Tips to be Followed during Property Auction

When you find a property at auction, you will immediately think about the loss that the owner of the property must have gone through for the property to come for public auction. Auctions have become very common these days due to the financial crunch that came forth in the recent past leaving a lot of home owners to take this bitter decision. We can see auctions as one of the methods that are in practice for selling and buying properties. Mostly auctions are considered as loss for the property owner and a big gain for the ones who take the property in auction for the best bid.

But the actual truth is that there are equal possibilities for the seller and the buyer to enjoy profit if they follow a few points while managing a property auction. But the saddest point is that in many cases neither the buyer nor the seller gets profit but the agent who makes the best use of the situation gets the best revenue. It is a real blunder if you let the third party to earn money without any actual work done over the whole process. You will have to be well informed about a few points and tips to follow even before you plan to place your bid at a Property auction . Before the Auction you will have to keep yourself informed about the actual rate of a similar property at the same location. Do a proper property valuation check before you buy or sell your property. Don't let people to under estimate the property value if you are the seller or the brokers to over value the property in case you are the buyer.

If you are going to buy a property, study about the property and find if it's useful for your and if it is your kind before going for a property auction to place your bid. When you want to buy a property you will have to find out about the repair works that needs to be done for the property after buying it. Do a rough calculation of the estimated amount that you will have to spend on the property after you buy it in the auction. See if the total amount falls within your budget, this will avoid any financial scarcity. If you are planning to earn some money out of the rent that you might get from the building, do check with people about the area value and the possible amount of rent that you can expect from the property after you repair it. Check if there is any major local development that might affect the property that you are going to place the bid for. During the auction, always try to make note of the other auctioneers moves so that you can place your bid effectively and never turn emotional. Keep yourself calm and plan thing well before you place your bid.

For more information visit: Property Auction Zone

UAE Enjoys Free VoIP Calls

Residents of the United Arab Emirates can now make use of the Viber application for free voice over internet protocol(VoIP) calls on their iPhones.

The program works by sending bunches of data across a wireless Internet connection. It is legal as long as used in a special data package.

The application can be purchased from the Apple store and allows both domestic and international VOIP calls on the iPhone. It also has a nifty feature of being able to detect which other phones have the Viber application in your address book and showing you the contact details.

The Chief Commercial Officer for telecoms company du, Farid Faraidooni, said that this was one of a number of legal VoIP in the UAE applications.

Strict legislation preventing VoIP in most cases throughout the Emirates has now been lifted.

He said “Voice over Internet protocol is popular among UAE iPhone users and some products are legal in the UAE telecommunications sector. Their use will not affect our revenue.”

VOIP is now accessible in the UAE from iPhone to iPhone but not from smartphones to landlines or mobile phones.