iCall VoIP Services now Available On Apple iPhone & iPod Touch Including 3G Support

iCall, a free voice over internet telephone service that has earned rave reviews for its applications on Apple iPhone and PC has now finally been given access by Apple Inc .to be used in conjunction with the 3G networks such as that of AT&T. This one of a kind application is compatible with both iPod Touch devices and iphone and with the new protocols in effect, users will now be able to make free calls in the United States and Canada through their iPhone and ipod device over the 3G networks.

Until now, Apple had imposed stringent restrictions on VoIP applications, that barred them from using the 3G networks. But in a latest update to the iPhone SDK (software development kit), it has released VoIP protocols. iCall has been one of the very few VoIP applications that were permitted to a place in the Apple Apps Store and now that the restriction are done with, the users will now be able to take complete benefit of the features of iCall.

The idea of using VoIP technology over the 3G networks has been one of the most debatable topics in the online community and as Google was denied access to the platform, the immense usefulness of this technology and its necessity became crystal clear.

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Grab VoIP technology to make free internet calls

The scope of internet phone service is rising day by day and with the introduction of various new calling features, people are attracting more towards it. One of the best facility which it offers is 'free calls' that helps millions of people.

With the existence of most recent technologies,telecom world has gone through tremendous change which is just wonderful. Previously, people faced lots of problem but now its quite easy to make international calls without even bothering about charges and it is all because of internet facility that has given its contribution to telecommunication world. The technology of online phone services has vanished the tricky period of time and thus given us more trendy and most recent technique of making international calls at cheap rates.

This system is fully based on a digital format that permits users to make STD or ISD calls through Internet in few minutes. The user do not require any extra equipment for connecting calls. It is obtainable at the ease of broadband connection. The user can download VoIP software for more flexible and smooth communication.

The VoIP software is offered on number of websites, some offers at free of cost or some charge little bit. The number of calling plans is available for users for making cheap international calls on internet. The calling plans are especially planned to focus mainly on a particular area or a country in order to give users best services. These calling plans present free calls, bonus minutes etc. There are different categories of calling plans including Gold pack, silver pack etc. The user can opt for anyone as per his necessity.

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Everything you need to know about the Truphone mobile VoIP network launch

As a mobile operator can be a tough game at the best of times. It's an luxurious service to run, and subscribers are flighty. It's even more hard for virtual network operators. These are mobile networks who don't actually possess their own cell towers and masts. They have to rent space from better operators who own the infrastructure - and that attaches a whole extra layer of expense and uncertainty. So it may shock some today that mobile VoIP service Truphone is launching a mobile virtual network over Vodafone in the UK.

What is Truphone?

Truphone is a mobile application that permits users to make VoIP calls - that is voice calls that go over the internet rather than traditional mobile networks. It's a much cheaper way to make voice calls, but it needs a modern network capable of good data services.

VoIP works over the internet, so you can make calls from your own computer, but that’s not what Truphone does. Truphone is a fully-play mobile VoIP service. You can download the Truphone application on to your mobile, and make VoIP calls through it.
That the way the call is charged to your data plan rather than your voice plan and frequently ends up being much cheaper . It also holds Instant Messaging, both internally and to other IM clients like GoogleTalk and Aim.

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Mobile phone side of VoIP 'growing'

The mobile phones surface of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is inauguration to "blossom", according to a research expert.He is (Diane Myers) a directing analyst for Internet Protocol Multimedia Services and VoIP at Infonetics make inquiries, He said that the VoIP phone market has "developed" and become "an extremely reliable service in most deployments, particularly in fixed-line communications".

She added that the mobile part of VoIP is remote from mainstream, but it is "VoIP growing in options and innovative offerings".

Miss Myers' has comments come as roaming rates for the UK and US were condensed after a product launch by VoIP service provider Truphone.

A new SIM will be given to voip customers, which offers local rates for any country where Truphone is in business.

VoIP users no longer need to use swap around SIM cards or dial back systems with the Truphone Local Anywhere service, available in both the UK and US.

Miss Myers said the voip service was "accurately the type of innovation most people expect out of VoIP service providers."

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Truphone Is opening To present VoIP App For Nexus One

Voice app provider Truphone is releasing a reorganized app for Android which is well-suited with Google’s Nexus One handset. This is the first VoIP client for that phone. In fact it turns out the Nexus One is going to be very important to Truphone's on the whole strategy.

The reorganized for Android device (version 3.0.2) also makes Truphone well-suited with the T-Mobile Pulse, taking it to five Android devices now. Truphone worked closely with Google on the app.

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Use VoIP calls to experience cheap call rates to UK

With the enormous progress of internet phone service, the hassle of making low international calls has solved and the credit goes to advanced technology that has contributed in telecom sector by providing a chance to make cheap calls to UK. With the advancement of technology, VoIP calls get vast popularity due to its cost effectiveness.

The rapid growth of internet phone service has made people witness about its convenience and comfortability which it is providing to users. Online phone service plays a significant role in connecting long distance people. Nowadays, people are staying out of their country for the sake of earning more and more money.

With such aspiration, they frequently visit different countries like UK. UK is one of the country that is very famous for educational institutes and outsourcing businesses. A large number of people are running their individual outsourcing business and for such purpose, the users require cheap mode of communication through which they can easily interact with their clients without any fear of paying long phone bills.

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NetTalk rings in with TK6000 VoIP device

It's quite expensive in making long-distance calls over a conventional phone line. netTalk has stepped into the scene with their TK6000 VoIP device that presents people the chance to cut down on those phone bills by availing of free digital phone service over the internet.

Users may plug their internet connection, AC adapter and home phone into the or even fix the USB cable into the device and their PC’s USB port to get going. Free unlimited local and long distance calls to the U.S. and Canada from anywhere on the globe with no monthly fees and TK6000 devicelow international calling costs are promised with this device.

“The TK6000 presents a more affordable, portable and convenient option for homeowners who aren’t ready to part with their traditional phone lines,” remarked Anastasios Kyriakides, NetTalk chairman and CEO. “We consider our customers deserve the very best and we believe our digital voice service is better than anything else on the market.’’

netTALK Customer Account Manager allows users to change their current phone number and peruse all calls made or received. Caller ID, call forwarding, three-way calling, call waiting, voicemail, E911 and Directory Assistance are distributed to owners of this gadget. It is bundled in with a three feet Ethernet cable, USB cable and AC adapter.

TK6000 is available for order from netTalk.com at $99 (approx. Rs.4,550) and arrives backed by a year-long warranty.

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VoIP over 3G on iPhone still being blocked by Apple

We haven't listen to news about the VoIP over 3G on the iPhone debate that was a pretty hot a few months ago. It appears like users have quieted down on demanding the feature after AT&T promised they would allow such features over their networks.

An Apple-user blog asked the other day why they hadn't seen VoIP over 3G yet and got a reply from Peter Parkes, a social media representative over at Skype.

The Skype over 3G app has been around for some time, but it hasn't gone live on the iPhone since Apple (not AT&T) has not green-lighted the capability on the iPhone. The bloggers go further to speculate that Apple's feature-blocking might mean that they are saving the VoIP over 3G for the subsequent release of the iPhone much like they did with video capabilities that could have easily worked for the original iPhone but were saved for later releases.

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EASY How to install Truphone (free & VoIP mobile calls)

What you want to know about VoIP phone service

The increasing buzzword in the Internet community, nowadays, is VoIP phone. What does it mean? How does it influence your life or business? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is phone service that use broadband Internet connectivity to call.

Using VoIP phone service provider would help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars on your monthly business phone or residential phone bill.

VoIP providers are rival against each other to bring you the best VoIP plans. We here at Vylmedia.com, are helping you create an informed decision before selecting the best VoIP plan to fit your needs.

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Enjoy PC to phone calls with VoIP

Internet is considered as the most effective way of communication. After e-mail and chat facility, Internet has put ahead its ace with VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) technology. This advanced feature has taken communication to much superior level. With this new technology one can make long duration call through PC, equipped with Internet, at lower cost. Not only PC to PC you can also make PC to phones calls with the help of this facility. Finest feature counts for its cost-effectiveness because by using VoIP you can make free calls from PC to mobile phones and landline phones.

Technology and inventions are mounting fastly for the betterment of mankind and their life style. And the communication is spreading its wing in day-to-day lifestyle of every being. Technology is biding adieu to the old forms of communication and welcoming newest application for better and cost-effective communication. This most recent invention on the ground of communication is VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol).

VoIP has registered a unbelievable growth within a short span of time. VoIP is Internet applications that permit their user to make free calls from PC to mobile phones. Advanced technology has its own advantages and disadvantages but this latest release in the field is filled with lucrative advantages. VoIP is growing as the best among calling application because of its high voice quality, low costs, mobility, flexibility and easy deployment. These all features are to guarantee that users remain satisfied with new and innovative technology.

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VoIP Prepares Itself for Continuing Growth

The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) industry has thrived over the past decade due to the fact that it presented a cheaper alternative to landline phone calls thereby making it set for its unceasing growth as the business world continues to appreciate the benefits the technology can deliver.

George Van Horn, a senior analyst at IBISWorld, said that IP telephony has confirmed to be so popular because it allows companies to make substantial cost-savings on calls when compared to traditional landlines.

The recent data figure from Market Research Company IBISWorld declares that VoIP is the highest performing industries of the past decade, registering a revenue growth of 179,036 per cent between 2002 and 2009.

The VoIP Technology does not engage the same expensive network switching as wired voice calls, and also the geographic distinctions between incoming and outgoing calls are not made. Moreover, prices are similar from one fixed point to another.

The irony is that though the technology has been confirmed to offer cheaper alternatives to traditional telephone communication, many people do not use the service.

The survey conducted last month by home phone comparison website Homephonechoices. co. uk exposed that only 17 per cent of respondents claimed they used VoIP services.

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MagicJack to Launch Service for Cell Phones

Ymax, the creator of the magicJack, told attendees at the Show that it will develop a latest Consumer Electronicsconsumer femtocell that will permit consumers to place cell-phone calls without using their minutes.

The company spokeswoman said on Monday: The unspecified name femtocell will be priced at about $40 and be available during the second quarter.

Femtocells basically are routers that permit a user's cell phone to attach to them, as opposed an Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi. Users can place a call on a femtocell via a cell phone, like an regular cell-phone tower owned by Sprint, T-Mobile, or another carrier. For example, Verizon announced its own femtocell in January 2009. Because they make use of the home's broadband connection as a backhaul, however, a femtocell user doesn't actually access the cell-phone network, saving his or her allotted minutes.

Users will be able to attach to their be in possession of magicJack device but also other femtocell-enabled magicJacks at friends' houses and businesses. All the user has to do is come within eight feet of the magicJack launch service one time to register the connection and then talk away within a range of a 3000 square foot house, according to Ymax.

MagicJack's femtocell will work with its obtainable magicJack service, which costs $19.95 per year. The service originally won a PC Magazine Editor's Choice award (which has been heavily promoted by the cell phone company), but subsequent call-center and support problems caused us to lower its rating.

Ymax also said that it would soon announce a separate version of its technology to battle with Skype.

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Just how popular is VoIP?

According to a latest survey, 61% of respondents indicated they would consider dropping their landline telephone in favor of a VoIP service.

Compare Broadband is an online service to do precisely what it says - compare broadband deals. Visitors to their site are usually presented with a short survey question. When iTWire visited today for instance, the survey linked to browsing habits.

Recently, the site asked a simple question. "Would you think about changing your landline telephone for a broadband VoIP phone service?"

The 1002 replies were made up as follows:

61% Yes
10% No
29% What's VoIP?

Considering the focus of the web site, the high number of 'confused' people is a little surprising, but the most important part is that nearly two thirds of the voters believed they could completely do away with a genuine, Telco-provided, copper-in-the-ground, always-available landline.

Scott Kennedy -Compare Broadband's General Manager observed, "Who would have thought the landline telephone could ever become obsolete? People want value for money, and as we now can make cheaper calls via a broadband connection, clearly the community's interest is rising. Cheaper,faster broadband will inevitably increase the take-up of VoIP services."

It appears that the low cost of VoIP is finally starting to overcome the fear factor of having a more transient telephone service; perhaps also consumers are seeing their mobile as their primary communications device and just want a VoIP service for the satisfaction of having a 'real' phone sitting on their desk.

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Apple's latest iPod a VOIP phone in disguise

The worst kept secret in home electronics was officially exposed by Apple Inc. yesterday when the company announces its latest iPod Touch, which is an iPod that looks closely like the iPhone, but can't be used to make phone calls yet.

And I say yet because the attractive thing about this new Apple iPod is that it is Wi-Fi compatible which means it may be able to run Skype or a new type of Voice Over Internet Protocol phone program soon.

Not being able to use an iPod on a wireless network has been a big slam next to the device in the past. Other company's product such as Microsoft Corp.'s Zune player and Archos Inc.'s line of Wi-Fi product have all been able to use wireless networks to surf the Internet and replace files. The new iPod sports a large colour screen for presentation album information or videos and it comes bundled with Apple's Safari browser for surfing the Internet. The latest device does away with the iPod's brand click-wheel technology, which made the device popular in the first place. In order to navigate the device a user just touches the screen.

The big statement here was the inclusion of the Wi-Fi capabilities. The reason this is a big statement is because less than a day after revealing the plans people are already talking about how to make the devices capable of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) calling. It's not a stretch, the device is capable of accessing the Internet, all it would take is a piece of software that allows the iPod to run Skype and the new iPod Touch become an iPhone with minimal service fees and subscription costs as long as the user was located within a wireless hotspot. Skype is already available for iPhone, so putting it on the iPod shouldn't be difficult. Consider the push that many municipality are putting on Wi-Fi connections, it won't be long before most major municipalities are blanketed with Wi-Fi coverage.

The new iPod touch will retail for between $299 and $399. While Apple wouldn't admit it, I am sure the opportunity of seeing the iPod used as a VOIP phone was one of the major factors that saw the iPhone's price slashed by $200 to $399 yesterday. The cost cut comes only three months after people lined up for days to come for the new plans to go on sale. More cuts are likely in the coming months, the iPhone is a cash cow for Apple with some analyst estimating the company is raking in a 50 per cent profit margin on each unit sold. So, if you've been waiting to buy your iPhone you may be rewarded with a lower price and when the iPod Touch is finished able to perform VOIP calling, you will end up with a choice of which device to buy.

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5LINX News VoIP Home Based Business

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Oracle Helps Korea VoIP Provider Offer New Service

VoIP service provider MSA Communication of Korea has adopted Oracle Communications’ Converged Application Server to extend a new VoIP Broadband phone service. This process is known as “IMTEL Wiz.” The companies expect it will help MSA achieve high revenue and increase a competitive edge.

MSA Communication was the first VoIP provider in Korea to adopt the Oracle service delivery platform, which enabled the company to extend a wide variety range of new services. As a result, MSA Communication has greater than before sales by 10 percent and reduced the time to market with a more simplified process for new voip service development. Also, differential charging modes are available depending on VoIP service policies, helping the company deliver a differentiated customer experience at the lowest total cost. All of these benefits enabled MSA Communication to enlarge into the business to business (B2B) market.

IMTEL Wiz” offers free connections to government agencies or VoIP service guide calls, as well as the unlisted call function, which connects VoIP phone calls without displaying the caller’s phone number, all of which were impossible in existing VoIP Internet phone services.

“By providing new voip services quickly and easily through Oracle Communications Converged Application Server, MSA Communication stands out in the highly competitive domestic VoIP internet phone service market,” said Raghav Sahgal, vice president and general manager for Asia-Pacific, Oracle Communications. “Based on Java, the Oracle Communications Converged Application Server enables communications voip service providers to develop services quickly at minimum cost. We are confident that this Oracle product will catalyze a new era in the Korean communications industry.”

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Confirmed: VoIP capabilities coming to Google Voice

After Google's acquisition of Gizmo5 back in November, people could not help but surprise if and when it would be fully integrated with Google Voice. Ever since the announcement, speculation has overflowed the internet.

Rumors about Google's upcoming phone being VoIP only began circulating, and excitement has sustained to build.

Today, those rumors are all beginning to appear together. In a post on eWeek, Google executive, Bradley Horowitz, has openly disclosed that Google plans to implement VoIP into their Google Voice service sometime in 2010. This will permit users to make phone calls via any data connection, regardless of a voice plan.

"What we're trying to do with telephony is give people a seamless experience that frees up their telephony communication from the silos where it's existed for the last decade. Voicemail, my contacts, all of those things have been segregated from the rest of my Web experience. We have big plans to do a improved job.

Voicemail transcription, threaded SMS and inbox integration are fantastic features, but we're really just scratching the surface. Gizmo5 provides us talent and talent technology. They have specific tech and skills in further integrating telephony with desktop and devices and Web-based computing. We want to make sure you're communication is available to you irrespective of where you are at, what device you contain in your pocket, etc."

This might alter the entire telephony landscape. Soon, a user will be able to take any phone with Wi-Fi capabilities (and Google Voice support) and use it on their home's wireless network as a free, unlimited calling, house phone. Not only that, but this confirmation by Horowitz may actually validate the $530 price tag that the unlocked Nexus One is rumored to carry. If Google Voice will do VoIP straight from an Android phone, users would require nothing more than a pre-paid, data-only, SIM card to have a truly unlimited cell phone. Possibly Google's January 5th announcement will discuss the future of full Android/Google Voice integration. This would totally cut out wireless carriers from being able to charge for voice services. The world of cell phones as we know it, will stop to exist. There's no declaration of a specific date in 2010, but rest assured, Google VoIP will arrive soon, and when it does, it's sure to shake things up.

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Virtual Office Q&A: VoIP Phone Service Provider Predicts a Busy 2010

While tough economic times have plagued a number of businesses, few have managed to tread the rough waters. One such company in the communications technology sector that has witnessed revenue growth amid the depression is Phone.com. in reality, the Livingston, N.J.-based provider of VoIP phone services reported a three-fold rise in sales over 2008.

And officials with the firm that presents Virtual Office services are predicting an even brighter future.

“We will see sustained growth in our segment of the market,” Phone.com’s CEO Ari Rabban (News - Alert) and Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Alon Cohen told TMCnet in an interview printed in full below. “In particular, the SOHO/VSB telephony market is still underserved, despite all the new players rising and at the same time some consolidation.”

During the interview with Rabban and Cohen both stressed they are keeping a close watch on the developments in telecom industry and the changes that might impact the industry. Also they are keen about the FCC ( Federal Communications Commission ) decision on new telecom plans and also they are constantly keeping a watch on industry leading communications software company skype.

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