VoIP subscriptions top the 100 million mark

The number of VoIP subscriptions worldwide peaked 100 million for the first time late last year, according to research house Point Topic, representing 15% development over the first three calendar quarters of 2009.

The figures also showed that in terms of entire subscribers, the UK still had some catching up to do, beaten by the other six G7 economies, as well as China and South Korea. While in terms of whole subscribers, the US was out in front, but proportionally, the French came in top with 38% of all fixed lines delivered over IP phones.

Point Topic senior analyst John Bosnell said that "an enthusiastic set of suppliers, cost effective bundles, suitable regulations and a developing infrastructure," had promoted the French VoIP market.

Bosnell suggested that these lessons could be applied to other markets, including the UK, to speed up adoption.

Softclient services such as those offered by Skype were not included in the study, but are also seeing major growth. Skype logged 27.7 billion PC to PC minutes in Q3, in addition to 3.1 billion minutes between PCs and conventional phones.

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33 internet voip providers to roll out voice services

VoIP users connected to the internet through local broadband service providers (ISPs) can now talk to each other and telecom subscribers, as the telecom regulator made a tariff directive to commercially launch IP VoIP telephony services.

Under VoIP tariff plan, 33 licensees, known as internet protocol telephony service providers (IPTSPs), can now sell voice services.

Service providers can charge a maximum of Tk 0.20 a minute for domestic IPTSP to IPTSP calls and a maximum of Tk 2 for a call from IPTSP to any mobile or landline operator, in line with a Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) directive.

However, the minimum airtime charge for calls from IPTSP to any mobile or landline operator will not be below Tk 0.65 a minute, according to the BTRC.

For international outgoing calls, IPTSP will have to follow the rates for international calls, as issued earlier by BTRC.

However, the new tariff directive frustrates IP telephony licence holders, as such charges will not be financially viable. Different telecom operators are charging lower than the tariff set for IPTSP.

"If we offer IPTSP to IPTSP calls almost free of cost, it will help boost internet penetration," said Akhtaruzzaman Manju, president of Internet Service Providers Bangladesh.

In addition, other IP-based voice services to other operators will not be viable due to the uncompetitive tariff directive, he said. "It's not a very good proposition in terms of tariff."

It would have been better if the per minute charge was fixed between Tk 0.30 to Tk 0.60, said Manju.

The services are to be value-added services at low costs, it will gain popularity in some areas such as intra-company communication, he said.

IP telephony licence owners can provide PC (personal computer) to phone, phone to PC, phone to phone or any other use to subscribers, based on the IP telephony voice service.

From a technical point of view, experts said, the voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is set to open through legal channels as IP and VoIP technologies have nearly the same features.

BTRC last year made a guideline to award IP voip telephony licences exclusively to local ISPs. Customers now can talk by using their broadband connection just after installing a modem for voice transmission.

Currently, more than five lakh broadband users are connected through local ISPs. On the other hand, mobile operators claimed more than 40 lakh are connected via mobile internet phone. Bangladesh's internet phone service penetration rate is only 4 percent.

Abdus Salam, who is the managing director of Agni Systems Ltd, an IP telephony licensee, said: "We should not charge extra for voice as our customers already have to pay for an internet connection."

He said that people should be permitted to use the technology first.

"We trust it will soon become popular as it is affordable."

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Avail free international calls under VoIP to connect globally

Modernized technology has altered the facet of communication. With the introduction of so many highly developed gadgets and systems, it has become really easy to connect with each other.

With the development of technology, people are exposed to added smart means of communicating with each other. Arrival of mobile phones marked the changes done in the sector of wireless communication. Previously, people had to take a lot of effort in order to contact with their loved ones. But, with change in time and increasing needs, many innovative ways are being developed so that expressing the thoughts, ideas would not create difficulty for people.

The new beneficial mode of communication is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which permits making calls through the Internet. With the aid of this technique, free calls from PC to mobiles, PC to PC can be made. In order to do so, one just requires fixing up the PC to a broadband connection which must run at a high at a good speed. This is extremely simple process, as users do not even have to arrange any extra set-up to make calls.

VoIP is supportive in availing calls of any type, be it local, national or international. But, due to the heavy costs engage in international or long distance calls, VoIP is largely opted for global calling. Just because calls are transferred through Internet, costs of the calls get reduced to an extreme extend. There are many key service providers in this latest alternative of traditional calling system. SkyPe, Youtring are few well known VoIP service provider. They are embedded with many attractive calling plans which are profitable from all aspects.

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Unlike Skype, a New iPhone App Makes VoIP Calls Over 3G

Peter Sisson, the founder and chief executive officer of Toktumi, a San Francisco-based VoIP startup, is excited. He was jumping with happiness when I spoke with him earlier today. Why? Because Apple just accepted the newest version (2.0) of his company’s mobile VoIP app, Line2. The app, which costs 99 cents, permits you to call and receive phone calls over both 3G and Wi-Fi networks.

What Toktumi has done is make a back end similar to that of Google Voice -but unlike Google, it's gotten Apple's blessing. It's one of the more absolute mobile VoIP apps currently available for download; I particularly like the fact that it permits you to receive calls straight to your mobile phone over a cellular network even if you don’t have 3G or Wi-Fi coverage.

It comes with its individual features such as conference calling, call waiting, call transfer and even voice mails - in other words, the service is similar to a virtual second line on your phone. The service costs $14.95 a month for unlimited calls in the Canada and U.S.

Toktumi, which launched at DEMO 2008, has had to traverse a hard path to get to where it is today, and Sisson is understandably excited about the kind of exposure the authorization from Apple of its app will bring. Sisson, a veteran of the VoIP business, sold his previous company, Teleo, to Microsoft.

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Vopium Offers VoIP to Carriers

Joining the queue to offer VoIP capabilities to service providers, international prepaid mobile VoIP provider Vopium said it will present its overseas mobile VoIP service as a white-label feature for carriers and other service providers.

According to a statement this company “expects to announce the primary white label partner soon.”

At the same time, Copenhagen-based Vopium has included several advanced features to its VoIP service, which seeks to keep international mobile calls affordable for users. The Danish company released an upgraded version of its iPhone application that comprises instant messaging, rounding out its messaging support. Vopium now offers IM on the Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile platforms in addition to the iPhone and the iPod touch. Symbian and Java versions will be released soon.

The iPhone application also facilitates free calls to Skype and Google Talk users in addition to other Vopium customers.

Vopium has also added a dedicated VoIP client that permits calls over Wi-Fi and 3G networks without an embedded VoIP client.

The business model of offering underlying VoIP services to established carriers has been thrust into the spotlight at Mobile World Congress this week after Skype, which has more than half-a-billion users worldwide, said it is partnering with Verizon Wireless (VZ) to offer a free, downloadable Skype app that allows users to make free or low-cost Skype calls over Verizon’s 3G network. Many VoIP startups have come to see providing branded applications to larger carriers, rather than going straight to consumers and businesses, as the path to profitability in current market.

Targeted at international carriers, Vopium functions as a prepaid service that the user “tops up” either via the company’s Web site or the onboard phone application.

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How To Choose an Internet Phone (VoIP) Provider

snom and Voipfone announce partnership

Snom technology AG, a developer and producer of IP phones, has announced that UK VoIP internet phone service provider, Voipfone, which offers a wide range of hosted VoIP services to small businesses and residential customers, has been approved as a superior level service provider partner.

snom's service provider accreditation scheme facilitates resellers to help end users make the most of their snom’s handsets with high-quality partners in other areas of the VoIP network.

The superior service provider accolade is awarded based on PBX functionality.
Features including voice mail integration, call transfer and hold music were tested using Voipfone's service to ensure they were fully compatible with the snom handsets.

Voipfone, a founding member of ITSPA, the UK's industry trade group, at present display the snom accreditation symbol on its website and marketing collateral and will also advantage from a listing on snom's website, so resellers know it is a trusted partner whose services are interoperable with snom phones.

UK sales manager for snom, Nelly Monkhouse, said: "We have been working with Voipfone through one of our recognized distributors, ProVu, since 2005 and we are delighted it has passed the interoperability testing to work with us as a superior level service provider.

Here at snom, we are dedicated to aligning with partners that meet our high standards and aid us to ensure that our customers get the most from their VoIP phones.”

Colin Duffy, CEO of Voipfone, remarked: "We're really happy to be working with snom as an advanced service provider.

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VoIP a 'permanent threat to landline communications'

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is set to become a everlasting threat to traditional landline communications, is has been suggested.

Patrick Christian, senior analyst at telecommunications research company TeleGeography, says that at present VoIP is providing a very real threat to the continuation of international landline telephone carriers, in terms of siphoning away customers from this form of communication.

Actually, he anticipates that VoIP uptake will increase on such a grand scale that the medium will cease a total of 30 billion minutes worth of calls that would usually be spent on traditional fixed-line networks in the coming years.

He adds that the popularity of VoIP and the "immense traffic volumes"; that are being drawn away from telephone companies show that the development of the technology is set to be at the expense of traditional carriers.

Mr Christian's comments come in response to latest findings from TeleGeography, which revealed that over the past 25 years, international call volume from telephones has developed at an annual rate of 15 per cent.

However, since the introduction of the rising popular VoIP, this development has been seen to slow to just eight per cent annually.

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Business VoIP Provider Celebrates Record Growth in 2009

A Scottsdale, Ariz.-based provider of business VoIP and UC solutions announced on Saturday it experienced record growth in 2009.

According to officials with Nextiva Inc., the company recorded expansion over 400 percent in new business customers.

Nextiva's cost VoIP, Internet fax ,hosted PBX (News - Alert) and Web conferencing solutions transform the way small businesses communicate by making communications affordable.

This development was a new record for the company and officials attributed the victory to the company’s low cost VoIP solutions as well as the continued enhancements made to its product offering.

Tracy Conrad, president and CEO said-“Nextiva is committed to delivering the maximum quality business communication products at the finest value in the industry.”

Previous year, the company stepped up its environmental leadership and bonded Carbonfund.org's CarbonFree Program and received a number of industry awards and accolades including: "Product of the Year" from INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine, "Best Business VoIP Provider" from WhichVoIP.com and "#1 VoIP Company” by CompareVoIP.com.

"At Nextiva, our complete focus is on building lifelong relationships with our customers by offering stable, affordable products and services that bring the world to your door. We try hard to continually achieve 100 % customer satisfaction by always providing 110 percent customer service," Conrad said.

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Small Business VoIP Phone Systems

Proposed Next-Gen Networks' VoIP Support has Limits

Proposed next-generation networks, superb as they may be in so many ways, still do have boundaries in their ability to support VoIP over their data-centric IP networks.

Even though data use is increasing, and data traffic is beginning to crush the carriers’ networks, voice will persist to be the killer app. This signifies that what everybody's going to want are systems that allow high-quality voice experiences.

Recent numbers we've seen floating past the office window here say that voice revenues will still represent almost 70 % of overall mobile revenues by 2014. So it's an concern that needs attention.

In a present interview TMC's (News–Alert) CEO Rich Tehrani did with Payam Maveddat (News-Alert),vice president, product management, Mavenir Systems, Tehrani said, "We hear more and more about high-definition voice features in IP communications products and services. What is going to force wideband audio and HD VoIP into the mainstream market? How long will it take?"

Maaveddat replied that from the wireless angle, "wideband codecs will become prominent primarily in order to get the voice quality to a advanced level as mobile devices become more widely use for all voice applications such as audio conferencing. The challenge stays in radio access as how fast the carriers will incorporate these codecs in the core of their network and whether this transition is economical or not. It will occur much sooner in the fixed VoIP application. It will be at least 3 to 5 more years."

And industry observer Stacey Higginbotham also recently wrote that "Voice over Internet Protocol penetration among U.S. businesses will increase rapidly over the subsequent years, reaching 79 percent by 2013, compared to 42 percent at the cease of 2009, according to research out today from analyst firmIn-Stat ( News-Alert). At this point I surprise what market demographic represents the last stand for legacy circuit switched voice. Will it be consumer landlines or will it be mobile voice over 3G networks?"
It's an open end question. Higginbotham notes that ‘current telephone networks are steadily being phased out as the world moves to IP communications. At present in the U.S. only 78 % of consumer homes have a landline and only 22 percent rely on them exclusively.’

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Choose felicitous VoIP service provider and experience free PC to PC calling

Internet phone service has emerged as latest medium of connectivity. This unique technology offers people an excellent way of forwarding calls at any corner of the world. This is a simple process and anyone can avail its advantages without any problem for making PC to PC calls and PC to phone calls.

The popularity of online phone service has raised as it is a trendy technology that is known for comfort and convenience. This technology is equipped with Internet facility that make it further flexible and thus people feel great as they can surf the net synchronously while making an international calls.

This system of making calls has been introduced to aid people in long distance communication. With the simplicity of latest technologies, an effort has been made by online phone technology to bring people closer through VoIP(Voice over Internet Protocol). This technology permits users to share their documents and files with others on Internet that too without any payment. Through VoIP technique, the user can build free PC to phone calls worldwide. VoIP presents various value added services under which the user can get a chance to make free PC to phone calls, PC to PC calling.

This online calling process is based on digital techniques that has been aiding people in their day to day lives. With such freedom of making international calls, now people can make calls at whatever time they want, as it has made the lives of people more comfortable. No more heavy phone bills, no more difficulties, the user can have a hassle free communication. The user can stay connected to their loved ones at any time. Now people can simply switch over to this technology without thinking about the charges. Everyone wants excellent services and VoIP has been fulfilling it.

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VOIP for AT&T mobile network

We knew that someday we'd be able to make VoIP phone calls over the iPhone's 3G network. Apple and AT&T said so.

That day has come. iCall is the first app to offer free VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls on AT&T's mobile network.

That means customers with unlimited data plans can save money by buying the minimum number of voice minutes, because iCall places calls using data sent over the Internet, not voice minutes.

In a test, iCall was a breeze to use, if a bit tinny. The app is free, as are the calls it makes, but there are a few catches. People on the free calling plan will hear an ad before a call is connected, and calls are limited to five minutes. A $10 monthly subscription eliminates the ads and the time limit and provides services like voice mail.

The other caveat is that most unlimited data plans have limits on certain kinds of apps, like peer-to-peer file sharing. So far iCall appears to be in the clear, but it's early yet.

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Voiceserve Will Be Launching The Voipswitch Blackberry Dialer At The GSMA

Voiceserve, Inc. /quotes/comstock/11k!vsrv (VSRV 0.38, -0.02, -5.00%) , a low-cost, next-generation Internet Telephony software and service provider, announced its participation as an exhibitor at the 2010 Barcelona GSMA Mobile World Congress February 15-18. The GSMA symbolizes the interests of the worldwide mobile communications industry uniting the world's mobile operators, handset makers, software companies, equipment providers, Internet companies and media organizations. Its annual convention is the major mobile event of the year drawing approximately 50,000 attendees.

This is Voiceserve, Inc's primary participation in the convention and is one of the only companies exhibiting a mobile VoIP dialer out of the 1,300 companies displaying their cutting-edge technology and products at the annual GSMA Mobile Congress. Voiceserve's booth is located in the UK pavilion at Stand 1F61.

Voiceserve creates the opportunity for ISP's, VoIP resellers and business entrepreneurs to set up a VoIP telephony enterprise. Voiceserve's Voipswitch license has enlarged its range of modules to include the full range of mobile dialers.
The Voiceserve Voipswitch Mobile dialer is a simple software package that enables regular cell phone users to make calls using a mobile phone through an Internet connection. Voiceserve has developed a easy module which is downloadable onto most mobile phone units.

A mobile dialer may be used by companies attempting to decrease operational costs or by individuals who simply want to save money on their monthly cell phone bill. Once the dialer has been downloaded onto the unit, the phone has the capacity to build a call either via the 3G, edge or WIFI connection thus reducing the costs dramatically.

In addition to making a VoIP phone call through a mobile phone, Voiceserve is one of the first to offer users all the cellular features to which they have become accustomed including SMS text, call waiting, conference call, video conferencing, voice mail and call forwarding.

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First man ever charged with hacking VoIP providers

The foremost individual ever charged with hacking into the networks of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) providers and reselling hacked VoIP services for a profit pleaded guilty.

Edwin Pena, 27, a Venezuelan citizen, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to obligate computer hacking and wire fraud, and one count of wire fraud.

Pena was returned to the United States from Mexico following a three-year manhunt which direct authorities to South America. Pena was ultimately arrested in Mexico on Feb. 6, 2009.

In Feb 2009, Pena was indicted for conspiracy to secretly hack into the computer networks of unsuspecting VoIP phone service providers; conspiracy to commit wire fraud by transmitting telephone calls over the victims’ networks; and individual hacking and wire fraud counts.

At his plea hearing, Pena, who purported to be a legitimate wholesaler of these Internet-based phone services, confessed that he sold discounted service plans to his unsuspecting customers. Pena confessed that he was able to offer such low prices because he would secretly hack into the computer networks of unsuspecting VoIP providers, including one Newark-based company, to route his customers’ calls.

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China VoIP & Digital Telecom Completes Business Transition, Allowing Focus on Providing Integral Virtualization Solutions and Services in the Future

China VoIP & Digital Telecom Inc. a Nevada corporation, announced that it has discontinued its complete VoIP business and is focusing on providing integral virtualization solutions and services in China from now on.

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is a service that conveys voice communications over IP networks such as the Internet or other packet-switched networks. This business offers high-quality IP communication services for enterprises and government agencies with much lower fees and costs. However, the business was blocked by the Chinese Government in July 2009 owing to certain political needs.

In order to shift its business focus to China's virtualization market, the Company needed a second subsidiary in early 2008. The latest subsidiary, Beijing PowerUnique Technologies, is located in Beijing and specializes in virtualization software R&D, sale and service.

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VIPR: New Developments in the VoIP Market

This is a latest development in the VoIP market. This is how one of my colleagues, Cullen Jennings gave details to me.

At present we have two widely deployed global identifiers for reaching people. First is delegated address out of DNS and the other is phone numbers. So I believe an address like email: carol@johnson.com or xmpp:john@gmail.com to roughly be out of the DNS namespace and phone number to be out of the E.164 name space.

Phone numbers have lots of parts that are not cool, but they also have some cool parts: they are widely understood with social conventions of giving out someone else's phone number to a third part, they are easy to enter on devices with highly contained user interfaces, humans can almost keep in mind, they are easy for a human to give to another human. The major problem with phone numbers is, well, the only thing you can do with them is make a phone call. Say I desire to have a Skype video call with you, or view your twitter feed, or send you an email and all I knew was the phone number. In most of cases it would be nice to use a phone number to reach some internet service for user. Fundamental, this vipr technology resolves the problem of securely mapping a phone number to URL.

Obviously there have been other attempts at mapping phone numbers to internet resources. Public ENUM is one best example. However, most of the prior ones have failed because the economic incentives to make the technology deploy did not line up right. The vipr technology creates sure that every player that has to do something to make the technology deploy has an economic incentive to go do whatever they need to do. It greatly relies on peer to peer technologies.

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VoIP Gaining Ground, So Where Will Legacy Voice Make Its Last Stand?

Voice over Internet Protocol penetration among U.S. businesses will rise rapidly over the next few years, reaching 79 percent by 2013, compared to 42 percent at the end of 2009, according to research out today from analyst firm In-Stat. At this point I wonder what market demographic symbolizes the last stand for legacy circuit switched voice. Will it be consumer landlines or will it be mobile voice over 3G networks?Current telephone networks are slowly being phased out as the world moves to IP communications. At present in the U.S. only 78 percent of consumer homes have a landline and only 22 percent rely on them exclusively. In the next three years I dream both numbers will be much lower, which is why the FCC is looking at how to hold Broadband access (which is necessary for IP telephony) for all.

In the mobile world, legacy voice will connect around for a while longer. Even though the next-generation Long Term Evolution networks will support voice, it’s still unclear how carriers will control voice calls over the all-IP LTE network. In addition, the existing 3G and even 2G networks will still be around delivering voice calls, so legacy voice is still going to rule on mobile phones.

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Synergy One Launched VoIP for Business

Synergy One has re-launched its business VOIP services with a renewed focus on delivering market directing hosted VOIP systems and packages.

Synergy One have signed a strategic agreement with BT Wholesale – one of only ten licenses in the UK - to provide their range of IP based products which are delivered over BT's 21st Century Network for guaranteed quality and resilience.

SynergyOne (synergyone.co.uk) is a leading business telephony supplier more than 10 years of experience delivering business telephone systems to small and medium sized businesses in the UK. Moving into their second decade of presenting bespoke telecommunications services to business they are focusing their attempts on supplying state of the art, high service level, business grade IP services.

VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) is the next generation of business telecommunications and its utilization in UK business is going to surge over the next five years. It presents a competitive edge for all sized businesses as the products are feature rich, resilient and quick to set up.

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VoIP services to be launched in UAE soon

Two telephone operators in UAE will soon offer the service that permits customers to make International calls over the Internet.

Officials at Etisalat said that the network of respective company is prepared to make the service available before July this year.

The companies were awaiting last approval and instructions from the country's telecommunications regulator, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

The authority's approval will grant rules regarding pricing and procedures. The daily reported that it is expected that the latest service would offer cheaper pricing of international calls in comparison to what is currently available in the market.

The policy will emphasize developments in the country's emerging broadband infrastructure, as the regulator is mandated to propose latest telecoms policy every five years, Mohamed Al Ghanim, Director-General of UAE's Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, said yesterday.

"We will try with the development of the Innovative National Telecom policy to obtain the leadership vision and sustain various sectors such as banking and finance as much as possible," he said.

The policy will talk about the promotion of more broadband in UAE, rising the rate of connections to residents and potentially driving prices lower, he said.

Etisalat, UAE's largest telecom firm, is in the final stages of building a national optic fiber broadband network to about every home and office in the country and will distribute speeds of up to 100 megabits a second. Residents can now acquire connections of up to 30 megabits a second.

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Apple confirms 3G VoIP apps on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch; Skype is waiting

Apple Inc. proved last night that it is now allowing iPhone, iPad and iPod touch developers to build apps that can make Internet calls over a 3G cellular network.

"We revised our Program License Agreement in conjunction with our revised Software Development Kit for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Apps," wrote an Apple spokesperson. "Included in this update is the ability for developers to make VoIP apps that use cellular networks."

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol -- basically, Web-based telephony.As we reported last night, several VoiP apps have been accepted for use on the iPhone, including iCall and Fring.

Skype, one of the most admired VoIP applications, said it had a 3G iPhone app ready to go, but wanted to get a couple of service information squared away.

Skype is waiting for Apple to explain when the new SDK terms of service for iPhone OS 3.2 SDK beta, which were published yesterday, will go into effect for current iPhone users who are still bound under the terms of iPhone OS 3.12 SDK, according to Skype spokesman Chaim Haas.

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VoIP 'a highly reliable service'

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a "highly reliable service" that has been able to expand into traditional areas of telecommunications, one expert has stated.

Diane Myers, directing analyst for VoIP and internet protocol multimedia subsystems at Infonetics Research, utters that the technology has matured and become increasingly reliable, particularly in the medium of fixed-line communications.

Additionally, she explains that VoIP has successfully managed to pierce the mobile phone market.

"The mobile side of VoIP is really just beginning to blossom and, while it is far from mainstream, it is certainly growing in options and innovative offerings," she says.

In France, VoIP operators have even facilitated the technology to become available to residential customers as part of their telecommunications package, Ms Myers continues.

Consumers can also keep away from costly roaming charges by adopting VoIP to make international calls - for example, roaming rates in the US for UK carriers are at present set at an average of £0.94 per minute for receiving calls and £1.17 for making them.

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