Goober network launches free VoIP & chat apps for iPhone & iPod Touch

VoIP services Goober Network is announce nowadays that it will start Internet voice calling and immediate messenger apps for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. The Dover, Del.- based company said the free apps are available to download nowadays from the iTunes AppStore. The Goober VoIP (voice over internet protocol) lets people make local and international calls via Wi-Fi or a 3G network for as little as 1 cent a minute. Goober VoIP users prepay directly via their iPhone at flat-rate fees and so aren’t charged any money on their mobile phone carrier’s bill. The first 2minutes are free for calls worldwide.

Goober network launches
Goober Networks aim is to join communications, including instant messaging, voice and video chat, across all devices, said Peter Uhlich, chief executive. These 2free apps bring the company a step earlier to that goal. The chat system lets users send immediate messages to friends, family and business colleagues via the iPhone. Goober chat is friendly with other IM apps such as GoogleTalk, MSN, ICQ, and Jabber.

As well, the Goober apps give users access to the Goober Webfolder, which let users manage, download and edit their data from some location, anytime.

The company was founded in 2006 and has 25 workers. It has raise $8 million to date from secret sources. Rivals include a host of big companies: Google, MSN, ICQ, Skype, Jabber and others. The apps have been out for a while and have been signing up about 1,000 users a day. The company only started talk about the app publicly nowadays.

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Toktumi's Line2 -- 3-minute Intro

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Vopium provide Mobile VoIP to Convergia

Mobile VoIP to Convergia

Vopium, the Danish based mobile transportation company, has nowadays announced that it has enter a long-term agreement with Canadian based Convergia Networks Inc. to supply Convergia with Vopium's mobile VoIP and messaging platform.
The agreement will permit Convergia to offer the whole Vopium portfolio of advanced mobile & web-based communication services, as well as mobile VoIP, contact back-up, SMS, Instant Messaging, web-calling etc across North America and South America below the Convergia Brand.

"This is a developing and testing our white label platform over the last year, and we are excited to announce our first international partner nowadays", says Vopium CEO Tanveer Sharif.

"Convergia is an ideal partner for Vopium, combine Vopium's higher mobile VoIP technology with Convergia's strong Pan-American network communications, expertise and marketing capabilities."

"Convergia is very happy to be teaming up with Vopium", states Convergia's President, Alejandro Bitar. "We feel that Vopium's mobile and web-based services are perfectly designed for our present portfolio as well as our company's vision and direction."

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VoIP traffic may rise as smartphone uptake increase

The use of mobileIP telephony answer could rise in 2010 as smartphone sales are set to grow considerably more than the year.

According to technology market analysis company Canalys, 65.1 million smartphones will be sold in North America in 2010, a 38 per cent increase on 2009.The variety of VoIP provider mobile application obtainable for smartphones means that increasing implementation of the internet-enabled plans will increase possible access to VoIP solutions.

Tim Shepherd, analyst at Canalys, said that smartphones are "a brilliant vehicle" for user to "download 3rd-party applications to improve and personalise their devices".

Handsets manufacturers are looking to make smartphones obtainable to a wider audience by introduce entry-level handsets, which will fuel the markets increase in 2010, according to Canalys.

"We have seen increase in the smartphone market, awaiting now, driven by high-end, flagship devices, but there is now a shift in focus taking place", Mr Shepherd explain.By 2012, mobile applications such as mobile VoIP solutions will be generate more income than CDs, mobile apps store GetJar said recently.

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VoIP ‘purge’ most recent: National Phone closed; RanksTel, Dhaka Phone reopened

Permanent line worker National Phone is the new company to have its operation closes by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) allegedly under doubt of participation in illegal international VoIP telephony provision, report local newspaper The Daily Star. VoIP new services
BTRC chairman Zia Ahmed claimed there was proof presentation vast anomalies in National Phone’s new call execution records which he said was symptomatic of illegal business VoIP operations. Meanwhile, the watchdog reopened the switch accommodation of two other telcos, RanksTel & Dhaka Phone, which it before closed down for similar reason. AKM Shamsuddin, chief in service officer of RanksTel, said the company’s network was predictable to take a day or so to be fully operational.

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Nearly 300M VoIP Subscribers see by 2013

VoIP Subscribers see by 2013

There will be 288 million users of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) by 2013, according to market investigate firm In-Stat. While so far, VoIP has been determined largely by the likes of cable companies that want to disrupt the incumbent phone company, the next big business VoIP increase is going to come from mobile.

In-Stat believe over half of those 288 million subscribers "will be connected with online mobile VoIP providers, under one-third will use VoIP mobile with 3G MVNOs or mobile operators, and 11 % with WiMAX/LTE operators." Thanks to the improved availability of dual-mode phones, VoIP is becoming especially popular in the Asia-Pacific region, nudging the present market leader, Europe, aside. In the meantime, this move to mobile VoIP has encouraged some to request if we’re getting closer to an all VoIP phone. I think so!

The carrier themselves are reluctantly embracing mobile VoIP, as we’ve previously noted. Today, Truphone teamed up with Australian mobile network worker Optus, for its Truphone Local wherever check. These kinds of deal are going to become ever more commonplace, taking yearly sales of mobile VoIP application to $35.2 billion by 2013, according to In-Stat. I wonder how that number would modify if you included Skype.

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RanksTel newest to be fixed for 'illegal VoIP'

Personal land phone operator RanksTel Thursday night became the third telephone company to be fixed in BRTC's drive against illegal VoIP operations in under a week.

Illegal VoIP
3 RanksTel officials were detained follow an overnight drive by the telecoms controller, which exposed proof of the company's involvement in operating unlicensed Voice over Internet Protocol operations.

Elite force Rapid act Battalion assisted Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission officials through the drive.

RAB cleverness division chief Lt Col Ziaul Ahsan said VoIP appliances were seized from the RanksTel's office on Novo Tower in the capital's Tejgaon manufacturing area.

He told that RanksTel GM (engineering) Sheikh Kamruzzaman, deputy GM (engineering) Mominur Rahman Chowdhury and deputy GM (sales) Iqbal Karim Bhuiyan Noman were detained for questioning.

The telecoms regulator establishes similar proof of illegal operations against two other telephone companies - Dhaka Phone and WorldTel –on Mar 14 and Mar 16.

5 top executives of Dhaka Phone officials were sent to jail following being arrested on charge of running unlicensed VoIP operations.

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New report find VoIP and connected applications will grow

Mobile phone application and services are going to see vast revenues more than the next few years, potentially boosting VoIP traffic. VoIP & related application are likely to see yearly revenues of $18.9 billion (£12.4 billion) by 2014, according to new data from Juniper Research.

VoIP and connected applications will grow
The report found that many opportunities exist in the mobile market based around publicity, messaging, premium services and virtual economies.

The author of the report, writing in the press release, explain that "a confluence of Web 2.0 concepts and end-user behavior exploit both the web and the mobile phone as delivery platform is driving mobile web adoption and shaping industry development".

Future growth in the market will drive VoIP traffic and help to support it, thanks to the boost processing capacity for VoIP.

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Five Portable VoIP Applications used for your USB Drive

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which means that you can make voice calls online by IP portcol. Before I’ve written about several VoIP services that you can use to make free calls online. Most VoIP application are also computer based clients or web based applications, but here I’m going to list a small number of portable VoIP applications that you can take with your USB drive and use on any computer with a internet connection.

VOIP Internet Phone
Just carry the USB drive with you and connect it with some computer and you are ready to create calls online. These portable VoIP clients are attractive small in size and hence does not eat up much space.

  1. Skype Portable: Enjoy the majority Skype features such as free skype-to-Skype call, ability to call phones and mobiles at cheap rate, send message, Skype immediate messaging, video call, voicemail, call forward and more.
  2. 12VoIP: Free VoIP client that allow you to make free and high-quality voice call to a variety of popular destination or at a low rate to any other place. Allow making free unlimited peer-to-peer call online.
  3. Codyssey: One of the powerful applications that allow carrying Skype on the USB stick by repetition Skype application and Skype profile from a computer mechanically. It checks for newer Skype version, begins downloading and performs installation automatically.
  4. Team Talk: Team Talk is a freeware conferencing system option to create audio and video conversation online with many user’s contribution. It include both client and server application.
  5. Pico Phone: Free VOIP Internet Phone request with chat features that lets the user to create calls over IP using an easy UDP-based protocol and works well with NAPT. Connections are accepted on UDP port 11676.

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UAE restrict VoIP license to limited firm

International company will not be given license for VoIP, a service that enable telephone calls over the internet, in the UAE, the country's telecom regulator has said. "No license for international companies like Skype for the time being, they can join existing license and have partnership with them," Telecoms Regulatory Authority (TRA) executive director for technology growth affairs Mohammed Gheyath said on Monday.

VoIP license
He also said there is no time border for the similar. The right said VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services will only be allowed for the 4 companies that have been granted operating license in the UAE? Etisalat and du, as well as the satellite service providers Yahsat and Thuraya.

Though, third party services such as Skype will be allowed to enter into partnership.

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VOIP Report on Today Tonight

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Best VoIP providers for irritate free communication

VoIP Resellers are dispersion their unbelievable services to home and business. Mounting distinction of VoIP has led professional and businessmen shifting their source of communication. The expansion in the field of telecom sector has got an add to real good numbers as compare to the last year. The wireless segment is also creating a mix among people. For a better understanding of Internet calls, we need to know about VoIP.

VoIP Resellers
VoIP facilitates communication through IP network like Internet or other packet-switched network. Internet telephony is transported via Internet, not via any public switched telephone network (PSTN). Convert the analog voice signal to digital format and the compression is done which translate signals into internet protocol. VoIP system control the set-up of calls as audio codecs which encode speech allowing transmission over an IP network as digital audio via an audio stream. Its efficiency has aimed at small to medium business (SMB) market to large enterprise. Businesses are switching on to VoIP system to decrease their maintenance costs from traditional copper-wire telephone systems. A single network is being used which decrease infrastructure costs, runs both voice and data communications.

So much usages and cost-effective way has given a unified way to a lot of resellers in the telecom sector. Now, with a wise competition, we can find wide ranges of players in this filed. VoIP resellers are a medium which provide calling minutes to the end user.

The way to access the calls is via calling cards to create distant calls at cheaper rates. Moreover, reseller services allow an entity to make Business VoIP calls online using ISPs as a catalyst. VoIP resellers are available round the clock and provide a one stop solution for all communication related issue. These resellers have direct routes to the destination and also a straight interconnection. People can conveniently use the ranges of plans from VoIP resellers to make online call as the payment mode is appropriate for all. Number of gateways are being provided by different resellers to access the need of individuals which include common names such as paypal, cybersource,etc. This range vary as per the reseller, byt the common concern is of safety which is on high. Besides that, VoIP reseller services enable end users to access long distance or international calls at cheaper rates.

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Nokia introduce VoX Communications mobile VoIP service on Nokia N900

VoIP phone services provider VoX Communication Corp has announce it has launch a mobile VoIP, unlimited data and voice service on the Nokia N900 smartphone from Nokia (NYSE: NOK | Quote | Chart | News | PowerRating).

VoIP service on Nokia N900
According to the company, the N900 uses the Linux copied Maemo operating system, an open-source stage that enable the Maemo community to modify and expand software as part of the shared goal of bringing added value to Maemo.

Vox is now selling the N900 with a service plan and anticipate it will soon release a software download of its VoIP product. Then consumers who have already purchase an N900 will be able to subscribe to the VoX Mobile VoIP plan with a signup process that will deliver the software to the phone.

Nokia introduce VoX Communications mobile phone
The unlimited voice and data plan is price at USD69.95 per month. VoX Communications is a wholly-owned supplementary of Pervasip Corp.

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