Breezecom Offers Scalability in Terms of VoIP Capacity and Destinations

Breezecom Offers Scalability
A premium international telecom service provider, Breezecom, has announced that they offer scalability in terms of VoIP capacity and destinations in their wholesale VoIP service. The offer is included as one of the key features in their wholesale VoIP service package. Apart from this, the company also provides – network based on state-of-the-art Genband platform, robust quality ASR, ACD, and PDD, also their service suits carriers seeking multiple DS3 capacity.

Commenting on their VoIP service package, the company's senior marketing executive said, “Picking up the right partner is imperative for your success. Your wholesale VOIP termination (aggregation) provider must consistently deliver a high quality of service. With us you can be assured of seamless wholesale VoIP termination. Our VOIP / SIP system provides the features and flexibility to compete in the global VoIP marketplace.”

This package is designed to give more flexibility and convenience to wholesale, retail VoIP service and smaller carriers within the services that the company provides. Therefore, telecom business owners who use the company's VoIP service package can be assured that all their voice traffic needs will be met with high efficiency and cost effectively.

Further stressing on the company's services, the senior marketing executive added, that “the support of our technical team is offered on a 24x7 basis. We ensure that our response time is minimum and quality of resolution as per our customers’ requirements.