Voice over IP Telephony spells the tip for ancient

VoIP phone

Voice over net Telephony is technology which means you'll be able to hold telephone calls over the web or an IP network. It eliminates the need for having separate lines for your web association and dedicated voice transfer lines. There are several benefits to VoIP however as a result of it is still an advancing technology you wish to buy around to find the most effective deal. No cumbersome circuit switching is needed and there is no depletion within the bandwidth related to traditional twin line systems. VoIP protocol implies that information is only sent over the network when it has to be, releasing up that bandwidth when you aren't making 'calls'.

Advantages of VoIP

Voice over Internet Telephony isn't widely used in office networks, let alone in the home, however if you make international phone calls then you are probably being routed through IP infrastructure because of the lower costs of calls. What this does mean, though, is that the infrastructure is quite obviously already in place and anyone who chooses can do so easily. This means that you can 'call' friends, family or associates using your own VoIP without the need for them to have the same technology installed.

The costs are phone calls that are reduced dramatically by using VoIP and once the infrastructure is in place there are usually little or no extra infrastructure charges required making it a value effective and cheap telephony solution.

Because VoIP is a new technology you get the standard advantages of employing a brand new technology; increased technological advances and new technologies are employed meaning you get a state of the art system. Telecommunications suppliers have been regularly using IP networks to transfer voice information and most of the teething issues have been totally investigated and ironed out and every one the advancements made have been integrated into a system you'll be able to have put in your home, workplace or business. You don't essentially have to send your calls over the net, and for more secure calls you can use non-public IP networks.

Some disadvantages

VoIP, as a technology, is still in its infancy and new developments are being found every day. However, there are limitations to the service and the technology which needs to be addresses before it will become an entire replacement for your standard phone line. In addition, you can't send or receive faxes and you can't route traditional modems, alarm systems or satellite systems through your VoIP connection, because they need access to a voice grade phone line.