Delaying VoIP adoption no longer a choice for mobile operator, says Ovum

Mobile network operators have to reply to their customers' calls and embrace voice over internet protocol (VoIP), according to Steven Hartley, principal analyst at Ovum.

He explained that, because there is obviously demand for VoIP from mobile users, it is a waste of time, money and effort for operators to try and delay its adoption.

According to Mr Hartley, the growing demand means that mobile network operators don't have the time to wait for the deployment of the beyond-3G networks that would permit them to compete in the VoIP market.

His views appeared as a report by Ovum said that mobile network operators must embrace VoIP in order to neutralize the threat posed to them by internet call providers.

The report noted that VoIP can attract new users, decrease the number of customers moving in and out of a customer base or even encourage data plan uptake when it is implemented well.