Smartphone climb could be copied in VoIP carrier apps

Demand for smartphones constant to grow in the 1st quarter of 2010, which can only be good news for VoIP providing mobile applications. Smartphone volumes kept growing in the 1st quarter of the year, reaching 55.2 million, analyst firm Canalys has said.

Increase in the market rebounded by 67 percent on the same period previous year having weathered the financial downturn well, according to the hi-tech industry analyst.

Smartphone climb could be copied in VoIP carrier apps
This growth, the maximum rate seen since the end of 2007, could potentially increase adoption of mobile VoIP solutions, which smartphones can access via the mobile internet.

Nokia led the smartphone market over the period, shipping a record volume of 21.4 million handsets, which was around twice the volume of its nearest participant, RIM.

Chris Jones, vice president and principal analyst at Canalys, said: "Violent pricing has enabled Nokia to deliver smartphones that appeal to a broader consumer audience."

Use of mobile IP telephony solutions could soar in 2010 as the year is predictable to be a big one for mobile applications downloads.Technology market investigate company ABI investigate has forecast that six billion mobile applications will be downloaded in 2010, up from around 2.4 billion in 2009.