iPhone iOS 4 Skype – Accurate Free VoIP Over 3G

Back in February, the iPhone SDK saw an inform that allowed the programmers of the Skype request for the iPhone to build truly free mobile-to-mobile calls from the iPhone. The only difficulty at the time was that it didn't work so well over 3G, and there was no way for the app to sit in the background and wait for incoming calls. Because of these limits, the app wasn't all iPhone fans hoped it would be.
iPhone iOS 4 SkypeDesigned for the new iOS 4, though, the iPhone can now create and receive call over 3G, with surprising clarity. Take in the ability to background the app and listen for incoming calls and it sound like we have a winner! The only catch is, the service will only be free awaiting the end of 2010. At that time, Skype is leaving to charge a "small" monthly fee.

Even though it's unsatisfactory that users will now be necessary to pay for what was once free, it's hopeful that they will be able to use it for free for six months, and depending on the last cost may find that it's worth keeping on.