New VoIP solution safety software released

VoIP solution has been boosted following the statement that a Japanese firm has launch a new VoIP safety package.

Ageet Corporation, a VoIP software business, has released the GuardVox Phone system for Windows which provide users with an additional level of security during VoIP calls.

The firm worked personally with the Telesecret Corporation, a business founded by communications security expert Phil Zimmermann, to create the encrypted voice and video communication software.

Users are necessary to complete a short verification string before receiving a call to make sure that no one else is listening in.

This human element in the confirmation process is unique to Guard Vox telephone and provides customers with extra quiet of mind while using IP telephony solutions.

Also, the call's audio stream is encrypted using the burly Advanced Encryption Standard, while the whole package meets standards set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)