Accents and Voice Recognition Software

Accents and Voice Recognition Software
Transfer technologies from United States of America military, DARPA and those companies funded by In-Q-Tel have brought us a long way into computer age. In fact you may not realize this however, the Internet was not invented by Al Gore. It was invented by ARPA, which is the predecessor to DARPA. In other words the reason we have this great tool called the Internet is because it was funded and invented by a group working with United States military.

Currently the United States military and the IT specialists that the United States military contracts with is working on specialty voice recognition software to intercept foreign communications. The software is getting so good that the voice recognition software can pick up dialects and search accents in various regions throughout anywhere in the world.

This is good news because this means the future of voice recognition software will include software that will allow you to use voice recognition in your daily life without making errors. Consider writing and or emailing a friend on the Internet or talking to a friend in a chat room or posting on Internet forum or blog.

This voice recognition software of the future will pick out the accents flawlessly without any pre-training of the individual using the equipment or software. In other words it will be 100 percent perfect right out of the box. Consider all this in 2006.