VOIP Software Guide 101

VOIP Software Guide 101
Planning to go to a telephone booth or buy a card to make a long distance call but hesitant to spend so much money! Now scrap off your worries and adopt the VOIP service. VOIP is the commonly known abbreviation of Voice Over Internet Protocol. VOIP enables you to make calls worldwide via your Internet connection. Basically VOIP is a category of software and hardware that uses an Internet connection to pass voice data in packets using IP (internet protocol) in place of regular public switched telephone network.

There are many Internet telephony applications available such as Dialpad, CoolTalk, NetMeeting etc. Usually most of these applications are coupled with some popular Web browsers while others are stand-alone products.

The advent of VOIP and its surging popularity has led to depreciation in the costs of conventional telecommunications systems. Now you don’t have to pay for separately for your local charges but only your Internet rent. All you have to do is to say hello to Voice-over-IP and make use of the remarkable technology with which data and speech are transferred simultaneously and for which a separate telephone cable connection is not needed. This will save upto 80% of the amount you spend in making foreign calls through the standard way.

At present VOIP service is offered by leading providers such as Vonage, Lingo and Skype. Lingo is an ideal option to make international calls especially to Europe and Asia. Lingo is also commendable choice when you tend to move out of US because then you can carry your US number and call at US local rates from anywhere in the world. In comparison to Skype and Vonage, Lingo is cheap in cost.

Skype is perfect to use when you and your computer are inseparable and you have friends and family who use the same technique. Skype is deemed to be the best voice portal these days. Skype allows free calls to other Internet phone users while calls to regular phones and mobile phones are to be made at per minute fee. Skype also offers certain other add-on plans.

Out of these Vonage is the best provider of commercial and residential VOIP telephony. Vonage is different from Skype and other IM-based VOIP services for it offers a myriad of options to choose and many other uncommon features.

However at the end of the day you should opt for VOIP software that goes with your broadband connection. So before downloading any VOIP software do some research over the bandwidth the service requires, and then ensure that your internet service provider is able to match up with that.

Moreover you may not be able to avail excellent VOIP service if you are using a dial-up connection for with breaking connection, the clarity of voice and consistency in the call may also break.