Vopium Offers VoIP to Carriers

Joining the queue to offer VoIP capabilities to service providers, international prepaid mobile VoIP provider Vopium said it will present its overseas mobile VoIP service as a white-label feature for carriers and other service providers.

According to a statement this company “expects to announce the primary white label partner soon.”

At the same time, Copenhagen-based Vopium has included several advanced features to its VoIP service, which seeks to keep international mobile calls affordable for users. The Danish company released an upgraded version of its iPhone application that comprises instant messaging, rounding out its messaging support. Vopium now offers IM on the Android, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile platforms in addition to the iPhone and the iPod touch. Symbian and Java versions will be released soon.

The iPhone application also facilitates free calls to Skype and Google Talk users in addition to other Vopium customers.

Vopium has also added a dedicated VoIP client that permits calls over Wi-Fi and 3G networks without an embedded VoIP client.

The business model of offering underlying VoIP services to established carriers has been thrust into the spotlight at Mobile World Congress this week after Skype, which has more than half-a-billion users worldwide, said it is partnering with Verizon Wireless (VZ) to offer a free, downloadable Skype app that allows users to make free or low-cost Skype calls over Verizon’s 3G network. Many VoIP startups have come to see providing branded applications to larger carriers, rather than going straight to consumers and businesses, as the path to profitability in current market.

Targeted at international carriers, Vopium functions as a prepaid service that the user “tops up” either via the company’s Web site or the onboard phone application.

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