VoIP subscriptions top the 100 million mark

The number of VoIP subscriptions worldwide peaked 100 million for the first time late last year, according to research house Point Topic, representing 15% development over the first three calendar quarters of 2009.

The figures also showed that in terms of entire subscribers, the UK still had some catching up to do, beaten by the other six G7 economies, as well as China and South Korea. While in terms of whole subscribers, the US was out in front, but proportionally, the French came in top with 38% of all fixed lines delivered over IP phones.

Point Topic senior analyst John Bosnell said that "an enthusiastic set of suppliers, cost effective bundles, suitable regulations and a developing infrastructure," had promoted the French VoIP market.

Bosnell suggested that these lessons could be applied to other markets, including the UK, to speed up adoption.

Softclient services such as those offered by Skype were not included in the study, but are also seeing major growth. Skype logged 27.7 billion PC to PC minutes in Q3, in addition to 3.1 billion minutes between PCs and conventional phones.

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