VoIP 'a highly reliable service'

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) is a "highly reliable service" that has been able to expand into traditional areas of telecommunications, one expert has stated.

Diane Myers, directing analyst for VoIP and internet protocol multimedia subsystems at Infonetics Research, utters that the technology has matured and become increasingly reliable, particularly in the medium of fixed-line communications.

Additionally, she explains that VoIP has successfully managed to pierce the mobile phone market.

"The mobile side of VoIP is really just beginning to blossom and, while it is far from mainstream, it is certainly growing in options and innovative offerings," she says.

In France, VoIP operators have even facilitated the technology to become available to residential customers as part of their telecommunications package, Ms Myers continues.

Consumers can also keep away from costly roaming charges by adopting VoIP to make international calls - for example, roaming rates in the US for UK carriers are at present set at an average of £0.94 per minute for receiving calls and £1.17 for making them.

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