Nokia introduce VoX Communications mobile VoIP service on Nokia N900

VoIP phone services provider VoX Communication Corp has announce it has launch a mobile VoIP, unlimited data and voice service on the Nokia N900 smartphone from Nokia (NYSE: NOK | Quote | Chart | News | PowerRating).

VoIP service on Nokia N900
According to the company, the N900 uses the Linux copied Maemo operating system, an open-source stage that enable the Maemo community to modify and expand software as part of the shared goal of bringing added value to Maemo.

Vox is now selling the N900 with a service plan and anticipate it will soon release a software download of its VoIP product. Then consumers who have already purchase an N900 will be able to subscribe to the VoX Mobile VoIP plan with a signup process that will deliver the software to the phone.

Nokia introduce VoX Communications mobile phone
The unlimited voice and data plan is price at USD69.95 per month. VoX Communications is a wholly-owned supplementary of Pervasip Corp.

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