VoIP traffic may rise as smartphone uptake increase

The use of mobileIP telephony answer could rise in 2010 as smartphone sales are set to grow considerably more than the year.

According to technology market analysis company Canalys, 65.1 million smartphones will be sold in North America in 2010, a 38 per cent increase on 2009.The variety of VoIP provider mobile application obtainable for smartphones means that increasing implementation of the internet-enabled plans will increase possible access to VoIP solutions.

Tim Shepherd, analyst at Canalys, said that smartphones are "a brilliant vehicle" for user to "download 3rd-party applications to improve and personalise their devices".

Handsets manufacturers are looking to make smartphones obtainable to a wider audience by introduce entry-level handsets, which will fuel the markets increase in 2010, according to Canalys.

"We have seen increase in the smartphone market, awaiting now, driven by high-end, flagship devices, but there is now a shift in focus taking place", Mr Shepherd explain.By 2012, mobile applications such as mobile VoIP solutions will be generate more income than CDs, mobile apps store GetJar said recently.

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