Five Portable VoIP Applications used for your USB Drive

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, which means that you can make voice calls online by IP portcol. Before I’ve written about several VoIP services that you can use to make free calls online. Most VoIP application are also computer based clients or web based applications, but here I’m going to list a small number of portable VoIP applications that you can take with your USB drive and use on any computer with a internet connection.

VOIP Internet Phone
Just carry the USB drive with you and connect it with some computer and you are ready to create calls online. These portable VoIP clients are attractive small in size and hence does not eat up much space.

  1. Skype Portable: Enjoy the majority Skype features such as free skype-to-Skype call, ability to call phones and mobiles at cheap rate, send message, Skype immediate messaging, video call, voicemail, call forward and more.
  2. 12VoIP: Free VoIP client that allow you to make free and high-quality voice call to a variety of popular destination or at a low rate to any other place. Allow making free unlimited peer-to-peer call online.
  3. Codyssey: One of the powerful applications that allow carrying Skype on the USB stick by repetition Skype application and Skype profile from a computer mechanically. It checks for newer Skype version, begins downloading and performs installation automatically.
  4. Team Talk: Team Talk is a freeware conferencing system option to create audio and video conversation online with many user’s contribution. It include both client and server application.
  5. Pico Phone: Free VOIP Internet Phone request with chat features that lets the user to create calls over IP using an easy UDP-based protocol and works well with NAPT. Connections are accepted on UDP port 11676.

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