Instructions for Router Installation

Instructions for Router Installation
If you are using a router, please follow these instructions for connecting to the DSL modem.

* Connect the port labeled "WAN" or "Internet" on your router to the DSL modem.
* DO NOT connect a port labeled "LAN" on your router to the DSL modem!
* Follow the manufacturer's directions for configuration. If you check the router's status panel it should be getting an IP address that begins with 10. If it is not, you may have a problem with how you have it connected or configured which will need to be resolved before you can continue. (We do not support the use of routers; please refer to your router user manual.)
* Once you have an IP address that begins with 10, connect a computer to the router. Make sure you are getting an IP address from the router and have good communications with it.
* Register the router:
Do it yourself:
+ Visit the DSL registration page at and authenticate. This will register the router.
+ Wait 30 minutes and release/renew the router's IP address using its control panel, or by power-cycling the router.
+ If you can't reach the registration page, try accessing it from a computer connected directly to the DSL modem to be sure it is working in general. Assuming that it is working, failures to reach the registration page from behind the router may indicate a problem with how the router or connected computer is configured. These problems should be resolved before proceeding.