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VoIP at UofL
Voice over IP (VoIP) is an increasingly popular form of telephone service. VoIP works by taking the voice signals on your telephone, converting the signals to digital information, and sending them over a computer network instead of over traditional telephone lines. Over the past few years VoIP replaced most of the phone systems at larger organizations, such as UofL, and is now offered to homes in some areas over broadband cable and DSL connections.

The university has been using VoIP successfully since 2002. VoIP can be installed anywhere the ethernet network is available. Only one internet outlet is necessary to use a VoIP phone. When installed, the VoIP phone plugs into the Internet outlet and the computer plugs into the back of the phone.

The University of Louisville gratefully acknowledges the assistance of Case Western Reserve University in the development of these web pages for their permission to use VoIP documentation and materials from their web site.