IP Telephone Service That's Easy, Inexpensive and Reliable!

IP Telephone services
Until now, IP Telephone services were complex and often needed expensive equipment to connect to your existing phone system. Accessing the latest PC phoning features and having a "portable" phone number that follows you wherever you go sometimes required replacement of all your phones with IP phones.

With MeritVoice, your organization has all the benefits of an advanced, low cost IP Telephone service without changing your current phone system. In most cases, MeritVoice even provides the equipment your system may need to connect to an IP phone line usually at no additional cost!

MeritVoice also provides local calling throughout Michigan (with none of the black-out areas other providers have), long distance calling worldwide and full 800 number capability.

* Delivers a complete, reliable and secure, converged communications solution integrating voice and data over your IP network.

* MeritVoice uses Merit's advanced fiber-optic network and leverages the power of our Members' dedicated connections to the network.

* Brings IP cost savings and features to conventional phone systems.

* Consolidates voice, video and data from one source: a single supplier for networking, phone, administrative and billing support.

* Advanced features like emergency and broadcast dialing which allows you to call your whole community in minutes. Voice broadcast reaches vast numbers of people in a short amount of time via either their fixed or mobile phone as well as via SMS alerting and e-mail.

* MeritVoice peers with TelNet's network at multiple points in Michigan, enhancing performance, speed, and reliability.

Together with TelNet WorldWide, Merit brings the most experienced team in IP Voice technology and networking to your organization!

* Merit and TelNet are Michigan-based providers with the largest coverage in the state.

* Cost savings: assuring cost savings with the best-in-class, customized solutions

* Our priority is Michgan's Research, Education, Library and HealthCare organizations!