Advantages of VOIP

  • The major advantage is the amounts of money you end up save on your phone bills as compare to a traditional phone line.
  • Cheap and easy to use. Since it is simple, improvement is relatively simpler too.
  • You can integrate it with an existing phone link.
  • With VOIP PC-to-PC, call is free no matter the distance and PC-to-Phone charges are ostensible.

  • For a monthly fee you may make unlimited free calls within a geographic area.
  • A virtual number enable you to make calls from wherever as long as a broadband link is available.
  • You may pay for a number in a geography region of your option, which works out very cheap. If your relations and friends live in Virginia and you moved to California, you may purchase a Virginia number and make local calls to your loved ones.

Internet phone service
  • You can access your VOIP account just like your email Id from any where in the world as extended as you have an internet phone. This makes it easy for those who travel often to make calls frequently to those back at home at local call rates, no matter where they are.
  • You may call or message or do together at the similar time with VOIP services.