VoIP racket busted, equipment seized

An investigation group dispatched from Metropolitan Police Crime Division raided a well-equipped underground call centre in Ravibhawan and arrested a racketeer for his involvement in flouting telecommunication laws recently.

The accused Anwar Hussein (24), who comes from Kolkata-24 Porguna, India, and his two accomplices were found to be operating VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) from a rented three-storey building, illegally blocking Nepal Telecom’s gateway, thus inflicting a loss of millions. While, the other accuse named Raju and another named Bharat Lal Shrestha (27), hailing from Chaugada-3, Nuwakot are at large. Raju’s information were still sketchy.

SSP Rana Bahadur Chand, in-charge, MPCD, revealed that the three some had been using the SIM cards bearing numbers — 9807020501, 9803811605 and 9841467386 — registered in the name of Raju, who goes by his single name. The police also picked up an eight-lined CDMA wireless adaptor, a Euro Tech Communication’s 32-lined capacity GSM VoIP, a GSM VoIP Gateway equipment, a UPS, a wireless broadband internet antenna, extension codes, a requester, 300 recharge cards, a laptop, a desktop, mobile phone sets and 209 Mero Mobile SIM cards, among others.

The seized properties are said to be valued over Rs 10 million. Anwar has been handed over to the Metropolitan Police Range, Hanumandhoka.

What is VOIP Gateway?

Call by-passers utilize VoIP GSM Gateway to divert international rings from the official gateway. The call is then transmitted to the telecom subscribers through a GSM SIM card. The ISD at that time displays a personal caller ID on the receiver’s gadget. VoIP has always been a problem for telecom service providers in the country. As stated by the Telecommunications Act, 2053, any person convicted of posing threat to telecommunications systems and service can face a fine equal to the principal amount of loss caused or sentence up to 5 years in prison or both.

VoIP utilizes broadband Internet for routing phone calls, unlike conventional switching and fibre-optic alternatives.

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