VoIP Disadvantages

911 Issues – Unlike the majority traditional telephone networks, a call to 911 using an Internet phone will not always provide the emergency response center with the caller’s name and location. The majority VoIP providers continue to improve their 911 services. However, consumers who are considering Internet telephone service are strongly urged to check the status of 911 services with potential provider - as well as local police and fire departments in communities in which they plan to make Internet phone calls - and understand their limitations before entering into a contract.

Lose Your Power, Lose Your Service - Unless you have several type of backup power for your high-speed modem, you will lose all Internet phone service if you lose power.

Keeping Your present Phone Number - Customers may or may not be able to stay their current numbers when switching from standard telephone service to VoIP. It is important to verify this with a potential broadband phone provider when thinking about signing up.

Directory Service – If you switch from traditional telephone service to Internet phone service, your new number will likely not be in the telephone directory or available from directory assistance. Also, you may no longer be able to receive free phone directories from the landline service provider.

Calling 900 Numbers - VoIP clients are generally not able to dial 900 or 10-10 numbers, or receive collect calls.


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