iCall VoIP Services now Available On Apple iPhone & iPod Touch Including 3G Support

iCall, a free voice over internet telephone service that has earned rave reviews for its applications on Apple iPhone and PC has now finally been given access by Apple Inc .to be used in conjunction with the 3G networks such as that of AT&T. This one of a kind application is compatible with both iPod Touch devices and iphone and with the new protocols in effect, users will now be able to make free calls in the United States and Canada through their iPhone and ipod device over the 3G networks.

Until now, Apple had imposed stringent restrictions on VoIP applications, that barred them from using the 3G networks. But in a latest update to the iPhone SDK (software development kit), it has released VoIP protocols. iCall has been one of the very few VoIP applications that were permitted to a place in the Apple Apps Store and now that the restriction are done with, the users will now be able to take complete benefit of the features of iCall.

The idea of using VoIP technology over the 3G networks has been one of the most debatable topics in the online community and as Google was denied access to the platform, the immense usefulness of this technology and its necessity became crystal clear.

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