Mobile phone side of VoIP 'growing'

The mobile phones surface of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is inauguration to "blossom", according to a research expert.He is (Diane Myers) a directing analyst for Internet Protocol Multimedia Services and VoIP at Infonetics make inquiries, He said that the VoIP phone market has "developed" and become "an extremely reliable service in most deployments, particularly in fixed-line communications".

She added that the mobile part of VoIP is remote from mainstream, but it is "VoIP growing in options and innovative offerings".

Miss Myers' has comments come as roaming rates for the UK and US were condensed after a product launch by VoIP service provider Truphone.

A new SIM will be given to voip customers, which offers local rates for any country where Truphone is in business.

VoIP users no longer need to use swap around SIM cards or dial back systems with the Truphone Local Anywhere service, available in both the UK and US.

Miss Myers said the voip service was "accurately the type of innovation most people expect out of VoIP service providers."

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