Faxing using VoIP Solution

Voice VoIP
As far as VoIP has been in introduced in Voice telephone calls, faxing over VoIP still has a lot of benefits.

Faxing on a Voice VoIP line is possible but not its usage is very minimal. You can fax a page over your Voice VoIP line but it may take several technologies to accomplish. The reason is when the fax tone is compressed into packets, there is packet loss. Packet loss on a voice is not very critical compared to little packet loss, we can still hear and understand what the person is conversing. But, when there is packet loss or packet transmission on a fax, there is a chance of mess up the fax. This results in a bad fax, error message, or even a dropped call. When we send over a Fax Codec, the loss of packets is minimized and faxes generally reaches to its destination. But in the case of a large fax where it goes up to 10 pages there is a chance of a losing of Fax. It is recommended that a users who is planning on faxing is better to get a fax machine which also doubles as a scanner and can also convert potential faxes into a .PDF file.