Laptops and Mobile VoIP to drive Wireless Networking Industry

Wireless Networking Industry
Increased laptop technology, 802.11n and Wi-Fi deployments, and many other mobile VoIP demand has driven the growth of wireless networking industry. Wireless networking has performed strongly from the year 2007 according to managing director, Ian Schenkel, of enterprise wireless consultancy, AirMagnet. Security problems and many other issues will continue to challenge wireless deployments, as the year the wireless industry finally grew up.

AirMagnet expects the global wireless industry to grow a further 40% in 2008. Laptop computers, are most of which are now Wi-Fi-enabled, which contributes significantly to wireless growth in the coming year, Researchers have found that a recent study shows projecting 19% annual growth in laptop shipments through 2011, as well as the incoming wave of for the 802.11n-based networking products. AirMagnet also mentioned that the growing market for Wi-Fi-equipped dual-mode cell phones, before this technology becomes truly widespread, it has to be as reliable as fixed-line voice networks.