VoIP Broadband Service

VoIP Broadband Service
The type of broadband available to you depends on what technology the providers in your area offer. The four most common types of residential broadband service are:

1. Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL), which transmit data through phone lines without interfering with telephone service. Local phone companies typically offer DSL services; in some areas, other internet service providers also offer DSL services.

2. Cable modems, which provide access to the internet over cable lines without interfering with your cable television service. Cable modem internet access services typically are offered by the same companies that offer cable TV services in your area.

3. Fiber optic broadband, which is a new and faster type of broadband service. The same fiber optic line providing your broadband service simultaneously can deliver phone and video (television) services. Fiber optic broadband is currently available only in certain areas.

4. Mobile wireless broadband services, which are available from mobile telephone service providers. Such services are accessible through certain wireless telephones and PDA devices (personal digital assistants). They also can be accessed using a computer with a built-in or plug-in air card.