TCM Mobile with Dual Band VoIP Phone

TCM Mobile
There is a new version of handset coming from TCM Mobile that will work on both the TCM Mobile Cellular VoIP Network and also on the usual traditional GSM cellular networks. The dual band phone is release is very successful in the market and has reached the customers very much.

Currently any existing dual band handset available in the market and is product of TCM’s revolutionary, patented software into it. This represents a significant opportunity for the manufacturers to grow sales of their own product in conjunction with the TCM Cellular VoIP network.

With existing dual band handsets in the market, the GSM cellular service is the default mode and WiFi is a value added feature which allows for lower cost service in home/office enterprise environments. TCM’s dual band device is the first of its kind whereby the Mobile VoIP service is the default mode and GSM Network can be used as coverage in absence of TCM’s coverage area.