Canon Australia set to offer fax VoIP services

Printer specialists Canon Australia has decided to offer its customers the opening to send and receive faxes over a VoIP service network.

The rigid has incorporated the message skill urbanized by MESSAGE manager Solutions into its choice of multi-functional printers.

Mr.Luke Maddison, senior product manager of business solutions at Canon Australia, claimed many professions still rely a great deal on fax as a officially required outline of message.

He said: "Businesses are converting to IP Fax software at an escalating rate to take advantage of the related cost reserves and efficiencies.

"MESSAGE manager provides businesses with a national endeavorfax solution which is naturally managed at a secluded site, ensuing in lower service costs and amplified efficiencies."

According to a statement by market research firm Davidson Consulting, companies are more and more adopting fax over-internet-protocol solutions (FOIP).

The study shows that universal sales of FOIP have full-fledged by 69 per cent in excess of the last 12 months.