VOIP Voicemail Forwarding

VOIP Voicemail Forwarding
CIT is offering a service in which voicemail left on the VOIP phone system will be forwarded to an @buffalo.edu email address. This provides the user the ability to listen to their voicemail as an attachment in an email message instead of listening to their voicemail through the VOIP phone. The attachment is a standard wav file which can be played by any media playback software package, such as Windows Media Player.

By enabling this feature, voice mail messages will be forwarded only. No voicemail messages will be left on the VOIP messaging system. Therefore the message indicator light will not be lit on the VOIP telephone handset.

Request to Enable Feature

If a user would like this feature enabled on their VOIP phone they should contact their departmental IT administrator who will email a formal request to http://eis.buffalo.edu. The email should contain four pieces of information (ubit name, full name, phone number and forwarding email address) in order to expedite the VOIP forwarding request.

All forwarding requests will be completed in one business day from the time the request is received.


If any problems arise with the forwarding of VOIP messages to your email, please report them by contacting your departmental IT support or requests can be sent to http://eis.buffalo.edu . Problem tickets are resolved as soon as possible, usually within one business day