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Packet8 Forum
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony is a technology that is shrinking the world. In fact, VoIP is emerging almost as fast as the original telephone did over 100 years ago. Many business and home users are switching to VoIP telephony to save money on long distance charges. However, unlike the original telephone, VoIP is being developed and offered by several different companies, and this has lead to a variety of different hardware and software being used. Like any new technology, there are a few hurdles to be cleared along the way - but as more and more of these issues are resolved, it seems clear that VoIP is poised to become the dominant telephone technology of the twenty-first century.

One of the leading providers of home VoIP is []Packet8[/url], which offers free calling throughout the US and Canada, as well as extremely low long distance rates to other countries around the world. Packet8 also offers innovative features like videophones and fax services, all at rates much lower than comparable public telephone (PSTN) service. VoIP also offers increased bandwidth, meaning that phone calls can also include data streams for multimedia presentations.

For home users, the chief advantage lies in maximizing the broadband Internet connection that they already have to pay for - the cost of a broadband connection and VoIP phone service combined are usually lower than the cost of a broadband connection and a PSTN line. However, how do you know if Packet8 VoIP is the right choice for you? One great way to find out about Packet8 is to investigate the discussion at a Packet8 forum.

A []Packet8 forum[/url] will include comments from past and current subscribers, as well as responses from Packet8 executives and/or technical support representatives. By reading a Packet8 forum, you can gain some insight into the technical difficulties some customers have faced when using Packet8 VoIP. The Packet8 forum will also include questions and answers about installing Packet8 hardware, as well as testimonials from customers who are pleased with Packet8's VoIP service. There are a wide variety of technical discussion groups on the Web, and a number of them have Packet8 forums. By reading a few of these forums, you can increase your own personal "data base" of information about Packet8 before you sign up for service.

If you know about some of the experiences that other customers of Packet8 have undergone, you will be better prepared to ask questions about installing and getting Packet8 VoIP service up and running. A Packet8 forum can be a tremendous source of information, and will help you to understand the myriad of issues arising from VoIP technology in general and Packet8 service in particular