Choosing a VoIP Provider For Residential Usage


Voice over Internet Protocol call actually has Lots of advantages compared to the telephone system. One of the reason for the massive switching from traditional phone to such technology is the cost. We can enjoy calling for free if you have a computer equipped with a microphone, speaker and the internet connection. This can be done using your home or mobile phone. There are many ways where one can utilize the technology, depending on how and where we make the calls, from home, at work or during a travel.

And such technology involves the VoIP codecs. A codec is basically an algorithm, installed as a program on a server or used within a hardware piece to transmit voice signals to digital data. The data can be transmitted through the internet or other network during a VoIP call. The term codec is evolved from the words compressor-decompressor or coder-decoder. Codec involves three tasks: decoding–encoding, decryption – encryption and decompression – compression. Greatest thing about VoIP is that it provides additional facilities without additional costs.

Over the recent years, there have been many introduction of computer-based VoIP services into the market. Although the VoIP is new technology, it has attained huge acceptance throughout the world .Now the use of VoIP codecs has been a substitute for Plain Old Telephone System (POTS), it comes with several drawbacks as well. And in conjunction with its expanding facility, there should be greater regulations for security reasons. The public is becoming more alert to the advantages they can harvest from the telephony technology, either in their homes or businesses. VoIP is cost-effective as well as convenient and user-friendly.