Verizon to Launch Their Latest HD Voice Support

Among the announcements Verizon Business was to release the VoIP Service that provides the foundation for the company to provide full fledged HD voice support . VIPER is being offered to enterprises as an alternative in cost saving feature. Where business-to-business VOIP on the Verizon Business service are directly routed via SIP, reducing domestic and international calling charges per-minute. Per-minute charges from any VIPER-enabled service will not be applicable to the customers using Verizon IP audio conferencing.

If you are a customer of Verizon Business VoIP service such as IP trunking and hosted IP Centrex, then VIPER feature is available at free of cost and does not require any customer hardware or software. Service providers try to use VPN or VoIP Tunnel solution that allow the VoIP use and circumvent current blocking issues. SpeedVoIP’s innovative anti-blocking solution can be integrated with legacy softphone or dialer.It is suitable for all 3rd-party SIP softphone . The Major advantage of SpeedVoIP’s is that it is easy and convient to work on any anti-blocking features into existing Sip Softphone/Dialer in operation. This reduces the burden of developing and testing efforts.