VoIP as the Way of Communication


With the cost of living constantly on the rise, cost cut on some basic needs can go a long way.One such staple thing is the need for communication that is the usage of telephones. With a local phone call, average rates can range from $0.9 to $1per minute and it’s significantly higher for International calls. Yes, there is always email, texting, and other forms of communication, but we can’t deny the fact that hearing a person’s voice on the phone cannot be replaced by any text messages. So what can an average person do to save money without giving up the quality and convenience of a simple phone call? That is VOIP ,Voice over Internet Protocol.

VOIP, is very simple. It’s just like a normal phone call, but in this case, instead of using the telephone line, you will be using the Internet as your phone line. Some examples would be Magic Jack, Comcast,Skype and many other. Most VoIP services are free. The VoIP services Provided is virtually minimal. First, it converts the user’s voice into digital signals that travel through the Internet. This signal would be converted into what signal it needs to be. Then the VoIP service will convert the signal into a regular phone signal, so it’s as calling from a regular phone number. If your phone or laptop is WiFi ready and, then you can make use of the VoIP services wirelessly.

To avail of VoIP services, there are few basic requirements.First, a broadband connection that can be via a cable modem or DSL, or a local area network should be available and Secondly a computer, specialized phone or an adaptor is needed. Since most VoIP services are free ,Charges depend on the area code and services incurred by the user. There would be a flat rate, which is much similar to the normal phone line, but significantly cheaper and more efficient.