Skype not right VoIP Solution for businesses

VoIPThe PC application Skype is not a right choice for businesses due to its poor call quality. Colin Duffy chief executive of Voipfone said that the application can slow down a system by using it for other people's call .If Skype detects that there is a lot of bandwidth available then it will start routing other people's calls over users' network which will slow down their whole network.

Dangers of Skype - Business

Security issues provided are free software VoIP services such as Skype which is considered to be a dangerous communications tool for business use. Gurdeep Singh Pall, corporate vice president he pointed out that allowing employees to use their own Skype IDs used to build up too many of customer contacts and the Skype outage would have severely affected businesses relying on the service and also he added that VoIP services were still developing and were set to be the future of communications.