Everything you need to know about the Truphone mobile VoIP network launch

As a mobile operator can be a tough game at the best of times. It's an luxurious service to run, and subscribers are flighty. It's even more hard for virtual network operators. These are mobile networks who don't actually possess their own cell towers and masts. They have to rent space from better operators who own the infrastructure - and that attaches a whole extra layer of expense and uncertainty. So it may shock some today that mobile VoIP service Truphone is launching a mobile virtual network over Vodafone in the UK.

What is Truphone?

Truphone is a mobile application that permits users to make VoIP calls - that is voice calls that go over the internet rather than traditional mobile networks. It's a much cheaper way to make voice calls, but it needs a modern network capable of good data services.

VoIP works over the internet, so you can make calls from your own computer, but that’s not what Truphone does. Truphone is a fully-play mobile VoIP service. You can download the Truphone application on to your mobile, and make VoIP calls through it.
That the way the call is charged to your data plan rather than your voice plan and frequently ends up being much cheaper . It also holds Instant Messaging, both internally and to other IM clients like GoogleTalk and Aim.

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