MagicJack to Launch Service for Cell Phones

Ymax, the creator of the magicJack, told attendees at the Show that it will develop a latest Consumer Electronicsconsumer femtocell that will permit consumers to place cell-phone calls without using their minutes.

The company spokeswoman said on Monday: The unspecified name femtocell will be priced at about $40 and be available during the second quarter.

Femtocells basically are routers that permit a user's cell phone to attach to them, as opposed an Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi. Users can place a call on a femtocell via a cell phone, like an regular cell-phone tower owned by Sprint, T-Mobile, or another carrier. For example, Verizon announced its own femtocell in January 2009. Because they make use of the home's broadband connection as a backhaul, however, a femtocell user doesn't actually access the cell-phone network, saving his or her allotted minutes.

Users will be able to attach to their be in possession of magicJack device but also other femtocell-enabled magicJacks at friends' houses and businesses. All the user has to do is come within eight feet of the magicJack launch service one time to register the connection and then talk away within a range of a 3000 square foot house, according to Ymax.

MagicJack's femtocell will work with its obtainable magicJack service, which costs $19.95 per year. The service originally won a PC Magazine Editor's Choice award (which has been heavily promoted by the cell phone company), but subsequent call-center and support problems caused us to lower its rating.

Ymax also said that it would soon announce a separate version of its technology to battle with Skype.

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