Just how popular is VoIP?

According to a latest survey, 61% of respondents indicated they would consider dropping their landline telephone in favor of a VoIP service.

Compare Broadband is an online service to do precisely what it says - compare broadband deals. Visitors to their site are usually presented with a short survey question. When iTWire visited today for instance, the survey linked to browsing habits.

Recently, the site asked a simple question. "Would you think about changing your landline telephone for a broadband VoIP phone service?"

The 1002 replies were made up as follows:

61% Yes
10% No
29% What's VoIP?

Considering the focus of the web site, the high number of 'confused' people is a little surprising, but the most important part is that nearly two thirds of the voters believed they could completely do away with a genuine, Telco-provided, copper-in-the-ground, always-available landline.

Scott Kennedy -Compare Broadband's General Manager observed, "Who would have thought the landline telephone could ever become obsolete? People want value for money, and as we now can make cheaper calls via a broadband connection, clearly the community's interest is rising. Cheaper,faster broadband will inevitably increase the take-up of VoIP services."

It appears that the low cost of VoIP is finally starting to overcome the fear factor of having a more transient telephone service; perhaps also consumers are seeing their mobile as their primary communications device and just want a VoIP service for the satisfaction of having a 'real' phone sitting on their desk.

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