VoIP over 3G on iPhone still being blocked by Apple

We haven't listen to news about the VoIP over 3G on the iPhone debate that was a pretty hot a few months ago. It appears like users have quieted down on demanding the feature after AT&T promised they would allow such features over their networks.

An Apple-user blog asked the other day why they hadn't seen VoIP over 3G yet and got a reply from Peter Parkes, a social media representative over at Skype.

The Skype over 3G app has been around for some time, but it hasn't gone live on the iPhone since Apple (not AT&T) has not green-lighted the capability on the iPhone. The bloggers go further to speculate that Apple's feature-blocking might mean that they are saving the VoIP over 3G for the subsequent release of the iPhone much like they did with video capabilities that could have easily worked for the original iPhone but were saved for later releases.

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