Depression is over for VoIP providers

VoIP providers

The global financial downturn is a thing of the past for VoIP and combined communications provider, it has been claim.

According to business expert Jim Hodges, part of the industry flexibility against the recent economic downturn was its continued focus on service development and technological development.

Script for IT Business Edge, Mr Hodges highlighted a number of new studies by firms familiar with the VoIP and combined communications sector.

One such report, by Visiongain claimed that mobile data services was one of the driving forces after VoIP's continued explosion. The firm claimed: "VoIP has diversified from simply voice implementation to a whole multimedia experience offering video calling, video conferencing, gaming and a lot of other features."

Mr Hodges claims that increase in the VoIP sector has been predictable as legacy equipment is replace by firms as they vie to keep up with the newest technological development.

In the UK, it is hoped that the uptake of VoIP will be additional boosted after May 6th, once the general election is over.