Home telephone could save money with VoIP phones

VoIP UK traffic could profit following the news that a lot of British home phone customers are potentially wasting a lot of cash on line rental charges.

Over half of British home phone clients have not switched line rental provider in the last 5 years, meaning they are likely to be paying over the odds for their home phone.

VoIP phones
Additional cost-effective home telephone line rental deals have become available over the previous few years as smaller specialist providers have begun to compete with recognized companies, according to the home telephone comparison website.

Though, the failure of British home telephone customers to shop around and switch in the last 5 years means they are potentially wasting over £350million on line rental charges annually.

Customers could potentially save even more cash by switching to VoIP phone, which are often cheaper than landline phones as they use the internet to make and receive calls rather than a dedicated fixed-line network.

Rural communities all over the UK could soon be able to accept IP telephony solutions.

The UK's best rural broadband was launched in the village of Lyddington in Rutland by rural internet service provider Rutland Telecom and Zhone Technologies past this month.