VoIP traffic to reach country Wales

A different country community in the UK could soon be set to advantage from access to IP telephony solution and additional online services.

VoIP traffic
The UK's best country broadband was this week launched in the village of Lyddington in Rutland by country internet service provider Rutland Telecom and Broadband access equipment source Zhone Technologies.

Rutland Telecom has now announced it will use the same technology and business model to deliver broadband speed of up to 40Mbps to the Welsh border village Erbistock, close to Wrexham.

Access to next-generation broadband will give the people of Erbistock the bandwidth and dependability needed to use VoIP solutions, and other digital services such as on-demand television.

Rutland Telecom's process deliver faster broadband to country community via a sustainable private investment programme by exploiting telecoms legislation that allow smaller company to use the BT copper wire network.

Mark Melluish, director at Rutland Telecom, said that Erbistock's next-generation broadband will "benefit the local community by as long as a service in that area".

Broadband subscription worldwide will increase to half a billion more than the next year, Informa Telecoms and Media said recently.

The continuous spread of fixed broadband could potentially see more household and business taking up VoIP phones.

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