Mobile modems could create VoIP traffic multiply

Implementation of IP telephony solution could be boosted by the increased use of wireless and mobile broadband previous year.

Cellular and mobile broadband PC modem shipment grew by extra 55 percent in 2009, ABI investigate has said a total of 72 million modems, as well as USB, PC cards and wireless routers, were shipped previous year, up from 46.4 million in 2008, according to the technology market investigate company.

Mobile modems could create VoIP traffic multiply
The increasingly widespread use of mobile modems could encourage the use of VoIP phones, which use broadband services rather than landlines to make and receive telephone call.

Jeff Orr, senior analyst at ABI investigate, said that 2009 was a "good year" for cellular and mobile broadband modems in spite of the recession, with the USB modem ongoing to "flourish".

The low-priced, flexibility and portability of USB modems are responsible for their status. PC cards are mostly predictable to have disappeared by 2013 due to the status of USB modems.

The use of mobile VoIP solutions could fly over the next 5 years due to the rapid and continued increase of mobile internet.

Mobile internet will be better than desktop internet in 5 years, Morgan Stanley was reported as saying by ReadWriteStart recently.