Engin ignite bundled VoIP plans

Local VoIP provider Engin has introduce 3 new bundle plans. Dubbed VoIP explosion, the plans are available for $69, $89 and $109 per month and include broadband access with a data quota that can be used without on- and off-peak period.

Ignition ipadGreg Crameri, residential marketing manager for Engin, said the company had also tripled its coverage across urban and local Australia.

Every one 3 Ignition plans include a four port modem or router, no link fee and a Voicebox. Customers must sign up to the plans for 24 months.

The VoIP 89 explosion plan includes infinite local, national and mobile calls via VoIP advantage 25GB of data per month for a monthly fee of $89. If users want to transfer their obtainable landline number to Engin, the telco charges a monthly fee of $20.

Only downloads are metered, so any uploads are excluded from monthly data quota.

Customers on the explosion plans also have the option of purchasing data packs if they go over their monthly limit and find the shaping speed (64Kps) too slow. These is called 'Afterburners' and Engin sells 2GB of additional data for $5 per month.

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