Profits from business VoIP solution to increase

business VoIP solution to increase

A third of all VoIP phones profits will be generated by business use of IP telephony solutions by 2014, Infonetics Research has said.

Though, residential and home office use of VoIP solutions will make up 3quarters of VoIP provider profit this year, according to the market research and consulting firm.

Profits from residential and home office VoIP use rose by 20 percent between 2008 & 2009, but income from business VoIP has begin to pick up follow the recession.

Diane Myers, directing analyst for VoIP service provider and IMS at Infonetics Research, said: "We wait for this trend to continue as more companies turn to hosted services for their voice needs."

Business are predictable to increasingly opt for hosted telephony in 2010 since it can give them with cost effective scalability.

"Businesses are more and more embracing a hosted services model, as their capacity needs will depend on how robust the economic recovery is," Infonetics Research's direct analyst for enterprise voice and data, Matthias Machowinski, said.

Many businesses already using IP telephony solutions spent last year fortifying the part of their voice services devoted to VoIP phones, market aptitude company In-Stat said recently.

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