VoIP UK transfer could be boosted by mobile broadband development

mobile broadband development

Using VoIP solution on the shift in the UK is set to become additional practical, with 2 of the country's most important mobile operators set to expand their mobile broadband network.

T-Mobile UK and 3 UK recently announce plans to complete their combined network infrastructure promote by the end of 2010.

The companies' joint 3G network is set to reach 98 percent outdoor coverage crossways the UK after being awarded a £400 million contract to help offer infrastructure and planning.

The widespread availability of 3G coverage would make it additional practical for UK smartphone, netbook and tablet computer users to accept IP telephony solution as their primary means of communication.

Stephane Teral, principal analyst for mobile & FMC infrastructure at Infonetics study, said that telecom companies "want to migrate as a lot of existing 2G and 2.5G subscribers to 3G [as possible]".

Mobile network operator "need to offer with the equal coverage as that of 2G and 2.5G", which is inspirational them to upgrade their 3G networks, Mr Teral explain. Using VoIP phones via 3G networks can be as cost-effective as any additional of communication if you are already a 3G user, Nadeem's Voice Over IP Blog said recently.