Smaller firms turn to VoIP

Small Medium Business
Smaller companies are adopting VoIP due to its massive facility and effectiveness. Users can maintain and update the technology without any supplementary infrastructure as it is fully based on software rather than hardware. Hugo Harber, the director of convergence, claimed smaller firms can upgrade the system as the business grows in large. With IP telephony, Small Medium Enterprises can add functionality and flexibility to their communications to provide good level of customer service. Harber also said that small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) it can also benefit form cheaper phone bills, while costs are also easier to estimate. VoIP can be merged with other forms of communication to provide more facility , such as e-mail, using a Unified Communication strategy. Hence there are lot of scope to small medium business and they turn flexible out of it.

Choosing the right VoIP Carrier

Choosing a Right VoIP Carrier service is very important for any kind of VoIP service.Nowdays connecting to your friends and loved ones is made very simple and it can be done just by a click. All you need to do is dial long distance and then you can easily get connected to persons from anywhere and anytime. There are different steps as to how to dial long distance depending on the area where you are located. And it also involves.Various steps and a big process this also lot of time consumption and the area codes have to be dialed correctly. Hence using VoIP phones and latest other technology we can easily make long calls without using the area codes and other procedure this is very effective and easy to get connected and also at very affordable rates this can also reduce your telephone bills.

Call Termination Is Necessary for Today’s Businesses

Video Phone
Previously we only make calls using Telephones or even make use of some other VoIP Network for Communication. And also there some of the latest technology introduced which has lots of benefits, i.e we can talk to the people by using the video phone which was very satisfying between the customers. The more video phone, the more comfortable which started making the life a lot easier. The best thing was it was technically challenged it is just plug and play set up and travel box that it comes with this can be carried along with for airports and hotels which u accommodate. Plug the phone into an internet connection and 3 minutes calls can be made. Now, we also have Mobile phones that play video, texting is made possible and we can also send and receive photos through your cell phone.There is a whole new scenario there with VOIP technology at the forefront. It’s the same technology used for Internet. The only difference is previously “surfing” and now phone calls.

Basics of VoIP & SIP

Basics of VoIP & SIP
Most Internet users are providing free phone calls or video chat etc.. These calls are made when two the personal computers which are at each end and are possible by following Voice over Internet Protocol to transfer voice data. By use of a software application by your service provider you can make calls using your pc itself. Even though PC to PC calls are free, PC to phone calls are made even cheaper with the help of internet.And,hence PC to PC calls will also be made always free but to make communication to a normal phone from a PC.Here the charge is not based on the usage or monthly and hence this is very cheaper compared to any other service provided. There are however few other VoIP service providers that provide trial calls for free such as tutitalk. Fully free PC to phone calls without limits is possible in the market if the market grows large enough along with competition among the VoIP service providers.

Advantages of VoIP For International Calls


The residential VoIP phone services are in great use for people having internet access. Internet technology is used by VoIP to make phone calls without the landline connections .It is always better to compare the relative benefits of residential VoIP service providers before you take a decision. Unlimited calls to anywhere with just a computer and internet access is also provided. First step is to make a list of the features that you would like to have with your residential VoIP service. The service usually would be charged a flat monthly or yearly fee for both local and International Calls. Voice mail, call waiting, caller ID are the three features that are also available. We can check through the features offered by each company and check for the various other features which are offered by the other companies. As part of a flat monthly fee, some packages now have been introduced that include varying amounts of international calling. They are also some other providers which even offer both residential as well as business VoIP services. The availability of features would vary from each plans provided. We can also find other additional companies that offer international rates through websites which provides various benefits.

Advantages of Using Fiber Optic Network Cables

Fiber Optic Cables
Fiber optic network cables are the best among the technologies that have revolutionized the wired communication systems. These cables have high-speed carriers with a good bandwidth capacity. Rather than using copper wires; the light signals are used to carry the signals and messages. Depending upon the usage, this could help different things.

These cables, also known as optical fiber channels. The common part of using the cables is the requirement of high-quality and high-speed wired communication. Before looking upon the deeper uses of a fiber optic network cable in an every day usage. Let’s have an idea of how internet communication works worldwide. That is these cables have been laid out below the seas and oceans to carry terabytes of data every second with huge quality maintained and hence Internet can really work all across the globe.

Even at home you could use these cables for your wired communication to get the best of quality and the best place to use this cable is to access Internet. The quality of the signal of Internet will be high. And as a result, the activities such as watching videos,movies,web cams or talking to your friend over the VoIP phone all this is possible. And your Internet sessions will become very enjoyable than earlier.

VoIP growth continues

Voice over internet protocol is set to continue the strong growth and performance from the year 2009.

According to Frost & Sullivan, despite the global economic Recession, the industry experienced massive growth last year Moreover, the firm expects the trend to continue the growth and increase the market value of the VoIP. In the US alone there was rise of $717.3 million in 2009 to $3.9 billion by 2016. Small business voice-over-internet protocol users wish to check that they are not using their broadband connection "excessively”. And internet service provider Sky launched claims the only truly "unlimited" broadband service. Most ISP deals continue claiming to be unlimited come with 'fair usage policies' that allow providers to reduce or terminate connections of those customers make maximum usage of bandwidth.

VoIP over Broadband phone systems from Net Digital Talk


A fully featured business telephone system is provided to you at very low rate .They provide you with everything that you need to help your business and take advantage of this exciting technology. They will assess your needs and supply you with phone handsets and all of the ancillary equipment that your business needs. They will then professionally install, configure your system and provide you with ongoing support.

Net Digital Talk is a complete business telecommunications Service ,unlike your other home user systems. With high quality handsets and there is no need to keep your computers turned on. The VoIP phone system service works completely independently.

Net Digital Talk and its special features:

• Free calls within your team are provided.
• NO long term commitment is needed.
• Huge Discounted Calls To Land lines through out the world.
• Multiple Phone connections Over A Single Broadband Connection
• Toll Free 0845 (Lo-Call) Number
• Virtual Switchboard & Direct Extension Dialling is provided
• Voicemail-to-Email and vice versa.

New phone to ‘Expand’ business VoIP solutions

VoIP Business

Business VoIP solutions will be benefited by the launch of a new VoIP handset. Phone manufacturer Snom has released the latest version snom 821, its new series of a VoIP phones. The snom 821 will bring improved call quality, a more reliable and secure access and five-people conferencing. This advancement in technology helps the users to access FM radio standard calls also while using speakerphone, a Class D amplifier will block out any interfering noise. Security was considered in the phone's design, as manufacturers have brought in many features such as a virtual private network and transport layer security into the phone's firmware. Also benefits , remote employees to stay in touch with the office at all times, as the phone can be charged with a power adapter or power-over-ethernet.

Small business VoIP also brings reduction in the support network to implement within your IT department. And hence both business voip and IT department work parallel to each other. Small business owners, offers a reliable and cheaper telephony network systems, and helps to increase your profit every year.

VoIP Solutions Supported by Multimedia Hardware


Technology website Global Sources has remarked that consumers will be attracted to VoIP phones with multimedia functions, Wi-Fi connectivity and many more functions. The additional features provided in mobile and a Smartphone application has given people a wider access to VoIP services. The merging of the computer, communication and consumer electronics aids in further expansion of VoIP Industry .Due to this Firms have been inspired by the new advanced operating systems available with IP telephony solutions, and this enables the users to develop their own platform to customise applications. VoIP hardware manufacturers in China, and including many other countries, are producing phones with these 'added value features. China makers of VoIP phones are emphasizing on the value added performance in order to meet challenges in growing business market.

Although output of media phones is growing slowly, the technology used to transform a VoIP handset into an interactive device combining a touchscreen, browser and multimedia player. Hence this segment is therefore expected to spur demand and production in the line. Manufacturers are also offering more cable-free selections, including 2.4GHz, DECT and Wi-Fi versions.This will further lead to wider the VoIP Services.

Skype not right VoIP Solution for businesses

VoIPThe PC application Skype is not a right choice for businesses due to its poor call quality. Colin Duffy chief executive of Voipfone said that the application can slow down a system by using it for other people's call .If Skype detects that there is a lot of bandwidth available then it will start routing other people's calls over users' network which will slow down their whole network.

Dangers of Skype - Business

Security issues provided are free software VoIP services such as Skype which is considered to be a dangerous communications tool for business use. Gurdeep Singh Pall, corporate vice president he pointed out that allowing employees to use their own Skype IDs used to build up too many of customer contacts and the Skype outage would have severely affected businesses relying on the service and also he added that VoIP services were still developing and were set to be the future of communications.

Verizon to Launch Their Latest HD Voice Support

Among the announcements Verizon Business was to release the VoIP Service that provides the foundation for the company to provide full fledged HD voice support . VIPER is being offered to enterprises as an alternative in cost saving feature. Where business-to-business VOIP on the Verizon Business service are directly routed via SIP, reducing domestic and international calling charges per-minute. Per-minute charges from any VIPER-enabled service will not be applicable to the customers using Verizon IP audio conferencing.

If you are a customer of Verizon Business VoIP service such as IP trunking and hosted IP Centrex, then VIPER feature is available at free of cost and does not require any customer hardware or software. Service providers try to use VPN or VoIP Tunnel solution that allow the VoIP use and circumvent current blocking issues. SpeedVoIP’s innovative anti-blocking solution can be integrated with legacy softphone or dialer.It is suitable for all 3rd-party SIP softphone . The Major advantage of SpeedVoIP’s is that it is easy and convient to work on any anti-blocking features into existing Sip Softphone/Dialer in operation. This reduces the burden of developing and testing efforts.

iPhone4 Vs HTC Evo 4G

How to Configure Quality of Service to Your VoIP Applications


Its easy to go online and compare telephony providers with just a click of a mouse button. Recently consumers are switching from their traditional suppliers to cheaper alternatives. For customers looking for a alternative phone line and without any added charges, options have been, until recently,limited.

VoIP - VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) is the next revolution in home phone services . VoIP makes use of your home broadband connection to send packets. of data to the receiver, where it is transmitted back into an audio file. VoIP has been around for over 15 years but old versions, which were like PC-to-PC based , suffered from poor sound quality and often powe outages.Modern VoIP is better from those of early days, and now any home with a broadband connection can incorporate VoIP service. And it could save you a lot of money, particularly if you make calls on a regular basis. As long as you have a broadband connection a VoIP adapter and a regular handset your VoIP Connection will be ready. If you decide to change your residence (even abroad), you can keep the same number because VoIP is a portable system. As VoIP uses your broadband connection, you will no longer need a landline connection, so that you can benefit from your package without losing your home telephone service.

If you have ASDL broadband. then the two services are provided together. But it could still save your money. In a period of financial shortage, home utilities bills are reduced as people try save money on their household expenses. By switching to VoIP for your home phone service, you can do not have to worry about huge bills,it’s simple to do, and with VoIP providers offering more flexible and attractive packages, it’s easy to find a package that suits you, VoIP is the new kid on the block, which has a lot to offer and to cut the costs of their phone bills.

Choosing a VoIP Provider For Residential Usage


Voice over Internet Protocol call actually has Lots of advantages compared to the telephone system. One of the reason for the massive switching from traditional phone to such technology is the cost. We can enjoy calling for free if you have a computer equipped with a microphone, speaker and the internet connection. This can be done using your home or mobile phone. There are many ways where one can utilize the technology, depending on how and where we make the calls, from home, at work or during a travel.

And such technology involves the VoIP codecs. A codec is basically an algorithm, installed as a program on a server or used within a hardware piece to transmit voice signals to digital data. The data can be transmitted through the internet or other network during a VoIP call. The term codec is evolved from the words compressor-decompressor or coder-decoder. Codec involves three tasks: decoding–encoding, decryption – encryption and decompression – compression. Greatest thing about VoIP is that it provides additional facilities without additional costs.

Over the recent years, there have been many introduction of computer-based VoIP services into the market. Although the VoIP is new technology, it has attained huge acceptance throughout the world .Now the use of VoIP codecs has been a substitute for Plain Old Telephone System (POTS), it comes with several drawbacks as well. And in conjunction with its expanding facility, there should be greater regulations for security reasons. The public is becoming more alert to the advantages they can harvest from the telephony technology, either in their homes or businesses. VoIP is cost-effective as well as convenient and user-friendly.

VoIP as the Way of Communication


With the cost of living constantly on the rise, cost cut on some basic needs can go a long way.One such staple thing is the need for communication that is the usage of telephones. With a local phone call, average rates can range from $0.9 to $1per minute and it’s significantly higher for International calls. Yes, there is always email, texting, and other forms of communication, but we can’t deny the fact that hearing a person’s voice on the phone cannot be replaced by any text messages. So what can an average person do to save money without giving up the quality and convenience of a simple phone call? That is VOIP ,Voice over Internet Protocol.

VOIP, is very simple. It’s just like a normal phone call, but in this case, instead of using the telephone line, you will be using the Internet as your phone line. Some examples would be Magic Jack, Comcast,Skype and many other. Most VoIP services are free. The VoIP services Provided is virtually minimal. First, it converts the user’s voice into digital signals that travel through the Internet. This signal would be converted into what signal it needs to be. Then the VoIP service will convert the signal into a regular phone signal, so it’s as calling from a regular phone number. If your phone or laptop is WiFi ready and, then you can make use of the VoIP services wirelessly.

To avail of VoIP services, there are few basic requirements.First, a broadband connection that can be via a cable modem or DSL, or a local area network should be available and Secondly a computer, specialized phone or an adaptor is needed. Since most VoIP services are free ,Charges depend on the area code and services incurred by the user. There would be a flat rate, which is much similar to the normal phone line, but significantly cheaper and more efficient.

VoIP plus SIP services to reach $3.9 billion within 2016

A new story from Frost and Sullivan has a few high hopes for VoIP plus SIP services. The investigate firm has painted one more rosy picture anywhere IP communications rule. The firm sees VoIP plus SIP Trunking services beating the market downturn and instead builds on their earlier growth.

According to the investigate firm's 'North American VoIP Access plus SIP Trunking Services Markets' story, the market earned revenues of $717.3 million in 2009, but it might reach $3.9 billion in 2016. While most enterprise systems now run on PBX with gateways, the firm believe the move to SIP would be predictable as companies upgrade and deploy more complete unified communications (UC) solutions.

New VoIP phone released

snom m9 phone

A new VoIP phone has been released which can easily be included with other form of communication.UK telephone developer snom has launched the snom m9. A wireless VoIP phone which can be complex in to a combined infrastructure strategy.

This permit users to save money on software expenses as all methods of communication, such as e-mail and text, are operated using one package.

Nelly Monkhouse, UK sales manager for snom, claim clients will profit from the new hardware. He said: "The snom m9 include all the high-quality features and security standards clients have come to wait for from our industry-leading VoIP handsets, with the added flexibility and expediency provided by cordless telephony."

The snom m9 phone provide up to 100 hours of stand-by time, 3-way conferencing and caller classification. A single base and 2 headsets be accessible for £189

A130, a new 3G & Wi-Fi Phone by VoIP from Samsung

Samsung introduced this morning in Korea its newest 3G Phone, the A130 also recognized as SHW-A130S or SHW-A130K that not simply comes with HSDPA but also WiFi and a dedicated VoIP Service enabling you to place limited or worldwide calls at reduction prices thanks to Samsung & Korean worker FMC initiative.
SamsungOur phones too comes with a

  • 2.4″ QVGA screen
  • Weight 104g
  • 90MB of internal memory
  • Wi-Fi
  • MicroSD Card slot (Up to 16GB)
  • 2Mpix Camera
  • Haptic feedback
  • Bluetooth.

Our A130 comes with a movie player supporting mp4, avi, skm, k3g, 3gp film format, in 640×480, as well as Audio files in MP3, AC3, AAC, AAC+, EVRC, AMR, QCELP.

Google's Skype-killer works on a Mac