Business VoIP

Private Branch Exchange
PBX Technology

Private Branch Exchange or PBX is an automatic switchboard which functions like some of the old-fashioned telephone operators switching wires and plugs. Businesses which use PBX technology usually press a number to dial out like the number ‘9.’ With the help of PBX system, a company can lease as many lines as needed from the telephone company as the maximum number of outgoing calls at one time. This is usually only out of 10% of the number of extensions. A PBX technology usually includes some of the business features like auto-attendant, call forwarding and hold music and many more.

Hosted PBX

A hosted PBX phone system brings out PBX functionality as a service, which is available all over a network or the internet. It is always better for the users to get the contract from the hosted PBX service provider instead of buying the equipment , who hosts the functionality as a simple option to the small business phone system.


COSTS – A substantial cost savings is done especially when upgrading from a traditional TDM phone system. This in long run this will save you money.

SCALABILITY – Increased efficiency and reduced bandwidth, flexible based on business needs

FEATURES – Ability to add features previously available only to large businesses until now.